31 December 2012

I love Juicy!

Hey all,

Leighton Denny Colour & go Manicure pen in I love Juicy

After posting a load of dark polishes I thought it would be nice to brighten it up with a nail polish from Leighton Denny! I don't think we can get the normal Leighton Denny polishes around here never mind in the colour & go manicure pen form! I have only ever seen the Essence manicure pen hanging about so I was really interested to see how they actually work out when you put them to use...

Even with the unconventional shape the manicure pen is actually grand to use and easy to control. The brush is thin and long making is suitable for those with narrow and wide nails. The pen comes with a 4ml top/base coat and 4ml of colour on the opposite end. In this case the colour is I love Juicy which is a gorgeous bright pinky coral. The formula was a little thick and pooled around the cuticles but if you take your time you can avoid all of that.

I love the vibrant colour and it has a lovely glossy finish on its own but the topcoat does smooth things out. This did chip a bit sooner than I am accustom to. I'll use my normal base coat in the future to avoid this from happening. This definitely gets a big thumbs up!

You can find the manicure pen by Leighton Denny on QVC where they have a whole range of colours and packages for a very reasonable price. Definitely worth checking out.


**Product was provided for review**

30 December 2012

I'm a star

Hey all,

Today I have Catrice I'm a star which came out in 2011 I believe. I'm a star is a bit of an unusual choice for me.  It's an olive green full of gold shimmer. I'm still not sure how I feel about this polish to be fair but I'm sure it'll come in handy one day :P  On a different note does anyone remember the show "Your a star"? I have the theme song of that stuck in my head because of the name of this polish.

 I have on 2 coats but it definitely needed a third. I only noticed the patches when I was editing the pictures :(  Formula was great on I'm a star though. It dried in no time at all and is very glossy on its own. I am a huge fan of Catrice nail polish. I think they discontinued this polish a couple of months ago but don't worry, I'm sure you can still pick one up. Catrice have a habit of discontinuing polish and then having it reappear a few months later.

 A great polish and a steal at €2.79 for a 10ml bottle.


29 December 2012

In the Bronx

Hey all,

 This is an older swatch of Catrice In the Bronx. I bought this one ages ago, way before I started blogging. At the moment I'm not too keen on darker shades like this but that changes a lot and it is a pretty polish.  In the Bronx is a dark bronze with a foil finish. Unusual enough for me. I haven't seen any similar shades around here.

In the Bronx has a nice formula. This is one of the older polishes so it has the thin, long brush.  I used 3 coats because I was rushing and I ended up with a bald spot after 2 coats. It dries quickly and has a lovely smooth finish. If you like deeper colours then this is a great polish.

I think this was discontinued but you can find them dotted around the place. A 10 ml bottle costs €2.79 so it's well worth a look.


28 December 2012

Lets mauve on

Hey all,

Catrice Let's mauve on is actually a re-release. Catrice discontinued the original Let's mauve on and brought
 out another colour with the same name. I actually bought this thinking it was the original so I was so disappointed to find it was the wrong one :(
 Here I have on 2 coats of Let's mauve on. In fairness it's actually a really pretty mauve polish. Completely original to  my collection. It's very subtle on the nail which is quite nice. It would make a lovely base for nail art. Application was grand! It has a frosty finish and looks really good with a matte topcoat!


26 December 2012

Love is in the air

Hey all!

The Pixy Sensual bath oil smells so good. It's so fresh and inviting. Normally I load my bath with radox bubble bath and salts (and what ever else I find to throw in and make it all nice and soft) but with this bath oil I didn't need anything else. It leaves the water so soft and the smell relaxes you so much that you forget about anything else that happened during the day. The glass bottle looks gorgeous sitting next to your bath and I love the cork top!  Price €9.99 for 100ml

I am a sucker for soap but I think the Pixy Honeysuckle soap is one of the cutest and most striking bars I have ever used. Like all Pixy products it smells absolutely wonderful and I love the design. You feel so bad using it because it is so pretty but it's worth it. I would definitely recommend using this in the morning because the smell really leaves you feeling fresh and awake. Price €5.49 for 60g

As always Pixy have really hit the mark with these prodcts.  Both are well worth trying out!


**Products were provided for review**

Festive Fingers

Hey all,

 Some more festive nail art for you. This is just a quick one I prepared for a challenge but I never got around to posting it. My camera was acting up a bit so the pictures are a little blurry but I picked the best ones I had. I'm thinking of changing the way I lay out each post to this new format with bigger pictures and less writing.  Let me know if you prefer this way or the other normal way I do it :)

For this manicure I have on 2 coats of Nails inc St James as a base. St James is a  lovely light red creme. For the stripes I  used Nails inc Motcomb street which is a deep navy creme. I used China Glaze Holly day for the green dots and topped it off with Nails inc Glamour Glitter to make it a bit more sparkly.


25 December 2012

Stranger danger!

Hey all!

Today I have some Christmas tree nail art on my right hand for once. I went to a gig last week which wasn't very festive so I thought my right hand could take over and keep in with the season. The nails on my right hand look so weird and crappy :( I think it has something to do with it being the hand that I write with? I honestly haven't a notion but it bugs me a fair bit.
I'm just sitting here drinking white hot chocolate (best drink ever!) and watching youtube videos. This is how wild I am haha.  I still have a tonne of work to do but I'm really proud of how these came out and it's the perfect day to post them up! I saw these on google but they originally came from tumblr and were created by  B-witched. I could not find a design I liked and these just jumped out at me. Love it!
 On my fingers I'm wearing China Glaze Glittering  Garland. One of the best green shimmer polishes. I'm so delighted I picked this up. I  missed out on the Let it Snow collection when it first came out so it took a fair while to get it when I finally came into the world of nail polish. On my thumb I have OPI The spy who loved me. The colours I used are: Gosh Silver, Barry m Blueberry Ice cream, Sally Hansen Gilded lily (Gold) and China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. The black details on the baubles are done using my nail art striper. I used my dotting tools to do the tinsel and the polka dot design on my thumb. Considering I rarely do nail art on my right hand anymore I was pretty pleased with the way this turned out. I had to touch up some bits with my nail art brush but overall it was fairly easy.

 I hope ye like it! I still haven't gotten around to doing my nails :P I was baking earlier and then I completely lost track of time and now it's 12.30am so I'm thinking I'll have to do them asap in the morning. No harm! I cut my nails short again so it shouldn't take too long to do them.


24 December 2012

Bouli, Bouli!

Hey all!

All Irish boys and Girls should (hopefully) recognize the lovely face of Bouli on the left! Bouli is one of the most well-known childrens cartoons in Ireland. Bouli is a little melted snowman who was brought back to life by the moon and a little bit of magic. It's such a sweet show! For this manicure I did the nights sky on my index and pinky fingers. Bouli is on my middle finger and the moon that brought him back to life is on my ring finger! I couldn't have Christmas go by without one of the most popular snowmen (after Frosty obviously) featuring on the blog. Funnily enough the minute I finished the manicure we had one of the sunniest days of the year in Ireland. Not very festive but it was great for picture taking!

 I did a gradient on my index ad pinky finger using black and blue acrylic paint. I covered them both with a layer of China Glaze Snow Globe which finished it off perfectly and made it look like twinkling stars :) Bouli and his moon friend are done using all acrylic paints apart from the red which is Nail the Bytch in Lick-or-ish bytch. The perfect red in my opinion.  I topped it all off with my Essence Quick dry topcoat.

I am so frickin' happy with the way it turned out! Bouli has such a sweet face but I think the moon is my favourite :)  I was going to do this as my Christmas manicure but I know well my nails will break or chip during the day from cleaning and baking so I'm sticking with a polish that I can touch up with ease.

 Have you picked out your manicure for the week yet? Even if you don't celebrate, let me know what you are wearing at the moment :)


23 December 2012

Black Turquoise

Hey all,

Estee Lauder is a brand that I am fairly familiar with. I love their packaging. It's so elegant and feels really well made. Today I have Estee Lauder Black Turquoise which was a limited edition nail polish.  This is another polish from my recent haul and it was requested by Angelica from One little Vice! Don't forget to click the link and check out her blog :)

 Estee Lauder Black turquoise is a gorgeous dark turquoise creme at night. It's a little bit lighter during the day (like the bottle shot above). Absolutely gorgeous! The polish practically applied itself. 2 coats and it was perfect. Very smooth and easy to control. I didn't have any clean up to do on this manicure which is a huge plus.  Black turquoise dries quickly and has a gorgeous gloss to it. Always top it off with a topcoat but it you are stuck for time this will look perfect on its own. The bottle feels good and weighty but it's a bit of an awkward shape. It takes up a fair bit of room on my shelf. I do love their logo though. Even if you don't recognize the name, you can tell just by the look of the bottle that it's a sophisticated brand. The one thing that bugs me about this brand is that they are not cruelty free :(

 I think I'll post up some special nail art tomorrow ;)


22 December 2012

OPI Golden Eye VS Sally Hansen Gilded Lily

Hey all,

Sally Hansen Gilded lily is probably my favourite nail polish at the moment. It's such a stunning gold that really catches the light beautifully. I was chatting with Sharon on Twitter and mentioned that it was apparently a dupe for OPI Golden Eye. She is amazing and sent me her mini version of OPI Golden Eye to do a comparison (she loves the polish and has the bigger version) So how do they both compare?..

So at one coat it's clear that Sally Hansen Gilded lily covers a bit better.  The gold seems to be a bit darker but it's actually the same. You cannot tell the difference at all when you even it out. On the right you can see both the OPI and Sally Hansen are opaque in 3 coats. Now I have a little tip for ye ;) Don't paint on the polish like you would a normal nail polish. You have to do a coat and then dab at the bald spots so you get a far better level of coverage without having a really thick layer of polish at the end.

 So they are dupes in terms of appearance.Price wise the OPI sells for the bones of €13. Sally Hansen is normally €8.95 but I got it for €6.95. Application is a tiny bit different too. As mentioned Gilded lily gives a bit more coverage in one coat compared to Golden eye. You can get them both opaque at around 3 coats if you are careful though :) I would suggest using a gold nail polish base just as an added precaution. That's how I roll anyway.
Drying time is different again. OPI Golden Eye dries a bit quicker. If you are using a quick dry top coat then I wouldn't worry about this in fairness. Finally the bottle size. OPI Golden Eye comes in a 15ml bottle and the Sally Hansen comes in a 14.7ml bottle. Not a huge difference!!

My verdict: I prefer Sally Hansen Gilded Lily over OPI Golden Eye. I know they are the exact same in appearance but the price is a huge factor for a lot of people and I feel you are wasting your money if you go for the dearest polish when you can get a spot on dupe for almost half the price. Removal on both is a pain in the arse but that means wear time is pretty amazing!


21 December 2012

Who let the dorks out?

Hey all,

Sephora by OPI is another brand that I came across recently all thanks to Lindsey. I couldn't wait to try this out. The bottle is so fricking amazing. It looks incredibly expensive and it feels good and heavy (I love quality nail polish bottles) This swatch was requested by the one and only Nurse Fancy Pants . Another fabulous Irish blogger who of course deserves a little mention. As always check out her blog! Her nail polish combination made me run out and buy Essence English Rose.
I just reorganised my stash and I have a tonne of blue nail polish so I knew this would be one of the first ones to go on my nails :)

 I have on three coats of Sephora by OPI Who let the dorks out. Weird name. not my favourite :P Seems very half-arsed on their part. Application was pretty much perfect and it dried super quick. The brush is a little thin for my liking but it's workable like there is no problem with it. It'd be awful handy for girls or lads with narrow nails. Who let the dorks out goes on a little bit sheer. It has a gorgeous blue shimmer though it doesn't look garish on the nail. Nice and light.
I thought this would be a dupe of the Essence Choose me polish that was discontinued a while ago. They look incredibly similar in the bottle but this doesn't have a pick on Choose me on the nail. It lacks the gold shimmer that runs through Essence Choose Me and the blue is far lighter on who let the dorks out. On the plus side Who let the dorks out is far better at covering any visible nail line you might have.

Tomorrow I have comparison of my favourite gold polish ;)


20 December 2012

Back to the Fushia!

Hey all,

 Sally Hansen Back to the Fushia was requested by the delightful Robyn Morton  who is also an Irish blogger. I'd highly recommend having a gander at her blog so please head on over and check it out. Don't worry I'll wait........Back? Great! Here come the swatches :)

Sally Hansen Back to the Fushia was given to me by Lindsey from Nails4Dummies. I just came across a Sally Hansen in tesco today! I never knew they sold Sally Hansen goods. They have them priced at €8.95 which seems a bit steep but from ones I have tried out so far, it seems that the Sally Hansen formula is really reliable.  They also have the nail strips but only the boring ones so they didn't catch my attention at all. I am glad Sally Hansen are expanding a bit more in Ireland but we only have a small selection of the Salon manicure collection which is a teeny tiny bit frustrating.  I think Sally Hansen are giving other brands a run for their money with their polish names. Back to the fushia had me in absolute stitches. Such a fun name for a gorgeous polish.

Back to the Fushia is a gorgeous almost hot pink polish. It is a bit sheer but easily build-able. I have on three coats and that provided perfect coverage for me. I really like the long handled brush. It's pretty much the same as the new Catrice and Essence brushes. They give far better coverage in one swipe and you can get really close to your cuticles.
Back to the Fushia is the perfect pink in my opinion. It has a gorgeous purple/blue shimmer running through it. It's not a strong shimmer but it adds a really nice sheen to the nail. I am not a huge fan of the colour pink but I love the way this polish looks on my nails. A surprise favourite for me this year!  I am delighted that Lindsey sent this to me. I am becoming a huge fan of Sally Hansen nail polish. Now if only they stocked a larger variety in town...... ;)

What is your favourite Sally Hansen nail polish?


18 December 2012

Live and Let die

Hey all,

OPI live and let die comes from the recent OPI Skyfall collection. Thanks to the lovely Sharon I have 4 of them to show you all. Today I have OPI Live and Let die which was requested by Purple-Rain! I made the pictures a bit bigger for these. The Gold flecks are really visible in this polish anyway but it always helps to have them up close. You can click the pictures to make them bigger again if you'd like.  I have the mini version of Live and Let die so I'm using my Sally Hansen Vitasurge cuticle gel in the pictures in case ye were wondering :P It's a brilliant gel but I'll do a proper review on it later I'd say.  The OPI minis are so adorable but they are a nightmare for pictures :P I feel like I have shovel hands trying to hold one!
Live and let die is a gorgeous pine green polish that is laden with gold flecks. I didn't think the gold would be that prominent but it really is!! You'd notice it a mile off. Absolutely love this polish. I love how it looks on my nails.
Here I have on 2 coats which gives perfect coverage. No topcoat either which is awful handy. Live and let die is super glossy on its own. I'm not sure about staying power though because I only briefly swatched this. Maybe throw on a topcoat just in case :) Live and Let die dries super quick. It's a dream to apply and the little brush is quiet nice and easy to control. I had to eat my words with this one. I didn't like the swatches but in real life this polish is gorgeous. The gold flecks really make this unique.
Extra pictures just because I took a load and it's a pretty polish :P If you haven't seen the film Skyfall yet I'd highly recommend it! I'm not a huge Bond fan but from the middle of the film to the end I was absolutely blown away. The new Q is such a dote!
The mini set costs around €13 depending on where you buy it but that's the average price. You can also get a whole range of different sets of OPI on QVC which has a fair few discounts and offers going on.The bottles in the Bondettes set are 3.75ml which is grand to be honest. It's a great way to test them out and sure how often do you actually finish up a bottle of polish?! It'd be a nice Christmas/ Birthday present too. You have a far better chance of them liking at least one of the colours!

Let me know what ye think below :)


15 December 2012

Happy Holly-Day

Hey all!

Sticking with the  Christmas theme I decided it was the perfect time to wear China Glaze Holly Day. Excuse the nubbin on my ring finger. I can't remember how that happened and it was only 2 weeks ago! I think I got a bit happy with the file :P It's back to normal now though so I think this is the only picture with a nubbin (don't take my word for it though)
China Glaze Holly Day came out as part of the Christmas 2011 collection entitled Let it Snow. There are a few beauts from this collection including Holly Day, Blue years eve and Glittering Garland that I'd highly recommend ye check out. I have featured them all in upcoming nail art posts so keep an eye out for them ;)
Holly Day is the perfect green creme. I love dark green polish and I was kicking myself for not picking it up when it first came out. Lucky enough I got it cheaper on ebay a few weeks ago so I snapped this sucker up! I used 2 coats over my usual Essence Nail art protecting base coat. I should have ued 3 because I rushed it and it streaked a bit. Nothing noticeable from afar but it bugged me up close :)
I topped it off with a coat of Seche vite.
I kept this on for a week without chipping. It has a great formula and the quality is amazing. I love the long china glaze brush too. It means you can get a fairly decent curve around your cuticles even if you are in a hurry. Holly Day is a pain in the arse to capture accurately though. These are the only accurate shots I got from about 50!

There is a huge difference in the price of china glaze polish. I paid around €5 for this 14ml bottle and that's pretty much a bargain over here! Even at full price this is definitely worth picking up. Even for the name alone :P It's so adorable!


14 December 2012

The one stop Christmas shop

Hey all,

With Christmas literally just around the corner I thought it was high time for another present suggestion post!
This time with a focus on books. I'm an avid reader and I think it's really important for people of all ages to get reading. It keeps your mind active and it's a great way of getting your imagination going (essential for nail art I find) I generally buy my books online. It's cheaper and you don't have to worry about them being sold out or difficult to find. My go-to site is the Book Depository.

 Not only are their prices incredibly cheaper compared to Easons and Dubray's bookshops but they also offer Free worldwide shipping! This has saved me a fortune over the past 2 years. I have bought well over 30 books from this site and I've never had a problem with shipping or getting the wrong book.  They have a huge range of books that aren't necessarily easily available in the normal bookshops.

 One of the books that I found while looking for inspiration for this manicure is probably the most well known nail art book that is mentioned EVERYWHERE for its range of designs. The WAH Nails book of Nail art . I haven't tried any of the designs yet but I think it's a great idea as a present for those already into nail art or just to get them started ;) Another Nail art book that caught my eye is the Nail Art Sourcebook which has over 500 designs in it. Definitely an all in one book that would be handy to have to brush up on all of the basic nail art skills that you need.

 So if you are still on the hunt for that perfect present for Christmas but you are on a budget then check out the Book depository. They always have 24 hour flash sales, competitions and giveaways on offer. I just bought one of my own Christmas presents during a 24 Flash sale so you never know what treat you might find!


13 December 2012

Mane 'n Tail-ing your hair

Hey all,

I am back again! Today I have a review of the Mane n' Tail hair care products. This brand has just arrived in Ireland and after a load of hype surrounding it I was raring to have a go.

The Original Mane 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Shampoo and conditioner come in a 335ml bottle. The smell is actually incredibly pleasant! I like the flip up lid which makes it far handier and safer to bring with you if you have to travel or go somewhere for a couple of days. Both are designed to repair hair and scalp.

My hair definitely feels better using these products  together compared to my old shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo lathers up nicely and it really leaves your hair feeling clean. I notice my hair  doesn't get as tangled in the shower after a good lather. I personally always team the same brand shampoo and conditioner. Usually just to emphasize the smell if I really like it :P After I put the conditoner on and comb it through you can tell immediately your hair will comes out nice and soft. The best thing I have found about these is the shine they give to your hair! I swear to god I felt like those ones off of the Pantene ad where they just throw their hair from side to side and the shine almost blinds you through the screen!! I got a load of comments on how shiny my hair was. I will stock up when these bottles run out. You can also get the Mane n' tail colour protect is you have dyed hair.

 Now I wasn't actually aware that Mane n' Tail came out with more than just Shampoo and Conditioner!! The hair strengthener comes in a 178 ml bottle and claims to nourish and repair while preventing split ends. It is an alcohol-free product which we all know dries out your hair so clearly they know their stuff. It is suitable for all hair types.

The Mane n' Tail hair strengthener smells absolutely divine. I could not get over the smell. It is a really unusual scent for a hair care product but I  would love it if more of them smelled like this. Basically it's a leave in conditioner with a load of extra goodies added in for good measure. My hair feels a bit flimsy some days but I  really noticed a difference using this. I just threw on a couple of squirts while it was damp and brushed it through. The bottle will last a fair while. There wasn't a dent made in the bottle after I used it.
The Mane 'n Tail detangler come in a bigger 355ml bottle like the shampoo and conditioner. Again this gives your hair a lovely shine and is safe and gentle for all hair types.  The bottle will last you ages because you only really need it on the lower part of your hair. The brush slides through your hair after using this. Brilliant product. Very pleased with this one.
Finally another new to me product by Mane n' Tail is the Hoofmaker hand and nail therapy.  First of, I love the packaging of this hand cream. When you squirt it out you can tell immediately that it is protein based. It has a stringy feel when you first try and rub it in. In saying that though it rubs in so quickly. The smell is really pleasant again. The best thing about this handcream? it really works! My cuticle have been as rough as sandpaper lately due to a heap of nail polish remover and some acrylic paint. As well as moisturizing your hands   the hoofmaker takes care of your nails, fortifying them and protecting them against damage. My nails are full of ridges so I am hoping this well help to smooth them out a little bit until I can get a buffer. I would recommend you use this at night or on really cold winter days. It's far better than my OPI Avojuice skin quenchers. The bottle contains 170g of product which is quiet substantial! You only need a little drop of cream and work it well into your cuticles. I could see a huge difference over night which rarely happens with my nails. This is a must-have product for older skin. It moisturizes and softens skin  on your body too. A great Christmas gift for men and women of any age. Perfect!

Also in this range are the regular Mane 'n tail shampoo and conditioner, the colour protect shampoo and conditioner and the Original Mane 'n Tail shine on spray. Definitely worth a look if you are in need of a good shine enhancing hair care product or a moisturizing hand and cuticle cream.
A full list of Irish Stockists can be found HERE!


**Products mentioned were provided for review**


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