19 January 2013

Filing with Styl

Hey all,

Today I have the Stylfile S-file to show ye. I remember when this first came out and everyone assumed it was just another gimmick product. I have to admit I thought the same until I tried it. I always have a problem getting the shape of my nails the right shape and it is really frustrating. Straight nail files are great but they tend to completely straighten out my nails while I prefer the to be more squoval in shape.

One side is rough with a smoothing, softer file on the other.  The stylfile makes filing, a process I despise, far easier. I love the curved shape. It means I can get my desired shape without much effort. It's far easier to hold and it has a lovely design. The lovely people behind BeautyMatters.ie sent the Stylfile S-file along with the Stylfile emergency file. The emergency file is actually going towards a little giveaway I am planning so if you want the chance to try this out then stay tuned :) Or if you are impatient and want to try it now you can both the Stylfile S-file and the emergency file for €5.95 each on Beautymatters.ie.

Maybe take a peak at the Catrice Spring/ Summer collection post and answer my question. It may also relate to the giveaway but who knows.....



  1. I got one of these in one of my beauty boxes but didn't actually try it! I took it out the box and didn't like the feel of it so didn't even try it! Maybe I should have a hunt for it and see how it actually is to use!! My nails are weird though as 3 of them are naturally swuare in shape and the other two are naturally rounded in shape!

    1. Ah do give it a go! I'm like that too, if something doesn't appeal to me at first I won't bother with it :P It's definitely worth it though :)

  2. I bought one of these when they first came and loved it! However it was in my bag for a day and instantly got ruined making it pretty useless. I mean I know they want me to buy the handbag safety one but still... But it does work very well.

    1. awh that's a pain :( I rarely bring files with me in case they are ruined. I know this would get squished in my bag because it's so heavy all of the time. x


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