20 January 2013

Going back to bases...

Hey all,

NYC All Day Long foundation  €3.99 for 27.3ml

I have the NYC All day long Foundation in 737 classic ivory. I think this is a very good match for my skin tone. I've had quite a lot of breakouts recently and this foundation really helped to hide a lot of the damage. It has light-medium coverage which is nice so you don't look really plastered on during the day.  The formula is very smooth and lovely to work with and it leaves a matte finish. I put it on with my fingers but a brush would probably work out better in my opinion.

 I have combination skin but this covered it nicely. The redness of my blemishes wasn't covered entirely but it did make them less noticeable. It stayed on all day but my face was oily after a couple of hours again  but as I said I  do have oily skin so blotting sheets would quickly hide that. This foundation also contains vitamins A,C and E.  Overall this is a great foundation for a brilliant price.

 NYC Smooth Skin Mousse foundation €3.99 for 14g

I love the packaging for this product. Again it has a very smooth texture and gives really nice coverage. This however, stayed matte for far longer. Around 4 hours give or take. It covered my pores incredibly well (which is some task I have to admit!)

The only problem I had with this is the fact it highlight the dry areas of my skin. Again you can probably rectify this with a good primer and moisturiser underneath. A little goes a long way too so it will last a while.  I have the shade natural beige which looks daunting in the packaging but it blends out perfectly. The smooth skin mousse foundation is enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 which claims to reduce water lost through the skin keeping it plump. It makes your skin lovely and soft.

 NYC Natural Matte foundation €3.49 for 30ml

 Huge fan of the NYC Natural matte foundation too. Great formula and so easy to apply.  I prefer the pump but at least you can cut off the top to get the very last drop out :P It gave a lovely matte look to my skin which I like a lot. Especially with an oily T-zone. It still looked good after a couple of hours. I'm not so sure about the 8 hour shine free claim but if you have normal skin then I'm sure it'll last on you.  I love the natural finish. Great for during the day. I have the shade 001 ivory.

NYC Skin Matching foundation €3.99 for 30ml

Not my favourite one of the four I'm afraid  The coverage is light so the redness on my face was just as noticeable with it on than without it. I have the shade 685 fair which is still a little bit too dark for me. Just a tad but enough for me to be a bit wary of it.Although application was grand on it and it was easy to spread about it just didn't work for me. It has a load of moisturisers, minerals and vitamins A,C and E in it which is great.  Overall I don't think this one suited my temperamental skin. 

Definitely a brand to try if you are looking for a new foundation. the quality is amazing for the price. The packaging is lovely and a little goes a long way. 



  1. Hmmm...interesting. I am thinking of trying it out. It seems like a great product to try out based on your review.

  2. Great pics and lovely to see your pretty mug:)

    1. haha go away out of that :P Not a peck on ye! thanks though :) xx

  3. These look like good foundations, especially that matte finish one, looks lovely on ya!

    1. ah thanks :D Love matte finishes on everything. Especially with my skin like it's awful hard to control x


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