29 January 2013

Happy and Healthy Hands with Cuticura

Hey all,

I thought I'd pop up this release from Cuticura seeing as there has been an awful lot of viruses and bugs going around. With all the flooding that's been going on driving up waste onto the streets it's really important to have some anti-bacterial gels and wipes on the go at all times to avoid catching anything bad that's been on the go.

"Recently Ireland has been struck with the dreaded vomiting bug with has caused half of the country to go into hibernation during its on average 10 hour visit and now we are all smack bang in the middle of our annual flu season! You may think that if you stay clear of anyone you are safe, but in fact it can be passed on by touching surfaces and objects that a contaminated person has previously come into contact with, so therefore it seems pretty impossible to avoid getting ill.

We all tend to associate germs with the bathroom but in fact some keyboards were found to have five times as much bacteria as your average toilet seat. The same goes for your mobile phone, yes the phone that goes with you into restaurants, gyms and even to bed is far from clean with bacteria such as E.coli which is associated with stomach upsets. There is no need to throw your phone out the window in fear of contracting the virus as Cuticura has a range of products that will fulfil your hand sanitising needs, the Cuticura Anti-Bacterial Hand wash (€2.99) kills 99.9% of bacteria and unlike any other hand wash available in Ireland it prevents reinfection for up to 3 hours, essential for keeping hands clean and protected from unwanted nasties.If you’re on the go and can’t get soap and water to clean your hands these little lifesavers are a must for your handbag, the Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum (€1.99 50ml or €2.99 200ml) will prevent your hands from reinfection for up to 8 hours with exclusive Advanced Anti Bacterial Technology and creating an invisible soft-skin glove, giving you the longest ever protection for your hands. Alternatively try the convenient Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes (€1.49).

Tips to follow if you are unlucky enough to obtain the bug:
·         Wash your hands regularly after using the toilet and when touching food.
·         If you are sick you should remain off work until you have been well for 48 hours. Children should also be kept out of school/crèche for 48 hours.
·         There is no specific treatment for norovirus apart from sipping plenty of clear fluids, such as water or flat lemonade.

Next time you’re on the bus into town or using the computers in your local internet cafe make sure you have a Cuticura to hand!
Cuticura is available from department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide from €1.49"

Definitely check this brand out asap. I am a huge fan of their cucumber and mint anti-bacterial hand gel. It really leaves your hands feeling clean and smelling good.

 I hope ye are all doing well! 



  1. Thanks for reminding me I'm running low on my anti-bacterial gel, will have to restock soon. :)
    Myself, I believe I'm staying well in winter has to do with the fact I keep cycling, as long as the weather is dry (mostly because in rain/snow it's just a pain in the bum to cycle (all slippery)); keeps me fit (sort of :D) and at the same time I'm avoiding busloads of (potentially) sick people. Yes, despite the cold, these past few weeks we had temperatures around 0°C.

    1. I honestly hate leaving the house without some form of anti-bacterial gel or cream. Even if you are healthy it's important to have some gel on hand at all times :)


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