03 January 2013

The event of the year...

Hey all,


With the New Year in full swing Inglot Ireland have brought out some amazing make-up courses for beginners and pro's alike.  Both the beginner and intermediate courses cost €250 which will help you to get your make-up to the best standard you can, saving time and money.

The beginners course fee covers all of the make-up used during the course and all students receive a 20% discount which will make a huge difference when you stockpile your inglot goodies ;) The course covers all of the basics including how to create the perfect day make-up look. Starting on January 14th, the course goes on for 4 weeks from 6.30pm until 8.30pm every monday.

The intermediate course covers eye-lash and liner application, face charts, evening make-up and shows you how to create the smoky eye look. Great for perfecting the important details. This starts on January 15th until February 4th from 6.30pm until 8.30pm. At the end you'll receive an Inglot certificate.

Silver Nails Trio.jpg
Image courtesy of Inglot Ireland

Sounds amazing right? The places will fly out of the window so if you want to take part then give them a call today: INGLOT Blanchardstown on 01 822 1839, or INGLOT Limerick on 061 229 575

While ye are at it, why don't ye sign up for the Inglot fan club? By being part of this exclusive group you'll have the chance to partake in invite-only discount events and complimentary master classes. Anyone can join up. You'll get all of the news via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I wasn't able to attend their blogger event a couple of weeks back which I was gutted about. I'm dying to try out some of their products so hopefully I'll have the time to pop down and have a gander this year.



  1. I'd seriously love to do one of these courses, especially because I think they'd be a great way to test out if you just like doing your own make up, or have an interest in doing different looks on others. I think if it wasn't on so close to when my rent's due, I'd be signing straight up!

    1. I never thought of it that way but I completely agree. Plus you are really getting your moneys worth with this course. If they had a summer course I'd say they would sell out in a heartbeat

    2. Monday evenings actually suit me perfectly, but just the cost puts me off (even though it's actually really reasonable especially with the discount). I'll just sit at home in jealousy haha!

    3. The distance ruled it out for me :P


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