02 February 2013

Dear Diary...

Hey all,

Something a bit different but I did not know these existed until recently and I definitely think word needs to be spread about this brilliant new brand! Diary doll have designed some underwear specifically for that fun, amazing time of the month that every girl enjoys. Yup, these are period pants. Now before you blush and stop reading just keep with me for a minute!  Nobody wants to deal with any leaks or spills especially if you are away from home ( or staying over at someones house) It's happened to everyone so don't worry but now Diary Dolls are saving us some blushes with their ingenious new design.

I can honestly say these are incredibly comfortable and made of lovely soft and stretchy material. They really are as light and breathable as they claim to be. They have a secret waterproof layer which helps to absorb any  leaks but you'd barely even notice it.  Now if you use pads with wings they aren't suitable but what you can do is slide these on top of your normal underpants alongside your normal protection. The material is so thin you won't even notice the difference and trust me, the reassurance you get from wearing these is worth it. At the moment you can buy them on the Diary Doll website in baby pink and jet black in sizes 8-18. Each one costs £9.99 but they are washable like normal pants so they are well-worth every penny. Plus the little bag they come in is perfect for keeping all of your necessary supplies safe in your bag, It's absolutely adorable! Huge thumbs up for Diary Doll.

Are you planning on buying a pair?


**Product was provided for review**


  1. These sound interesting didn't know they even existed!

    1. Me either! It's crazy because they are so great to have in stock.


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