28 February 2013

My precious Cuticura

Hey all,

I work on public computers everyday which are not cleaned. At all. Ever. You can understand straight away why I carry around so many anti-bacterial products :P I also have the Cuticura anti-bacterial handgel in my bag but that's a whole other story...

I keep the Cuticura Anti-Bacterial hand serum in my bag at all times. The best thing about the serum is the fact it kills the bacteria as well as providing 8 hour protection on top of that. You only need a tiny amount (pea-sized) and it spreads out so easily. Your hands feel clean afterwards which is great and the serum is odourless which is perfect. I'll be stocking up on this. It's fierce handy to have to hand at all times.

This was taken and placed in the kitchen immediately. I hate touching meat etc without a good hand wash nearby and this is perfect. I don't really get a scent of pomegranate and black pepper but as long as it keeps my hands clean I don't mind one bit.

These are brilliant for cleaning your phone, surface or keyboard. I always make sure to clean my phone and keyboard at least once a week even with all the serums and gels I use just to be on the safe side.

You can find these in most boots stores.


**Products were provided for review**


  1. I really need to start bring sanitizing gel around with me - I'm good for washing my hands regularly but I need to get myself in gear with these!

    1. I know it's so easy to forget them! It's well worth throwing one in the bag just in case :)

  2. I love the bodyshop antibac gels =) always carry it with me xo

    1. I've only had one of them but I really like it. Very thick gel though :P

  3. I love Cuticura products too! I always have to have an alcohol gel with me at all times and I always keep them in the car, I abhor having unclean hands! and +1 on public pc's - so many germs! ewwww!

    1. It's awful stomach churning having to work on them sometimes :( I can't leave the house without something to wash my hands with. You never know when you might need something.


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