07 February 2013

One sexy mother pucker

Hey all

Soap and Glory is a lot more than just shower and bath products. I wasn't really into them last year but I've been playing around with a lot of their products in store and I am really liking the concept of a lot of their make-up products. The first one that really caught my eye was the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss, mainly due to the hype surrounding the 'tingly' feeling that it leaves. I have one in "Punch Bowl".

Soap and Glory Sexy mother pucker wand
Sexy Mother pucker hand swatch

 Sexy mother pucker comes in a fairly decent 7ml tube with a doe-foot applicator. It looks like a really bright pink in the tube but it comes across a lot more toned down on the lips which I do prefer. I'm not overly keen on blinding people with my lips so this is good for me. They claim to plump your lips but I didn't really notice a difference to be honest. Maybe it only works on very thin lips? I can't say for sure.

Now I'm not fond of my lips/mouth shape at all but I am the first to moan when people don't include swatches of lip products on their lips. Arm swatches just are not accurate as you can tell from my hand swatch above. Here I have my bare lips. No ,lipbalm or anything on them....

..And here is a quick coat of Punch bowl. It really just enhances your natural lip colour. It's nice and glossy but not like an oil slick on your lips. I happen to love the tingly feeling you get. I found myself reapplying it just for the tingles :P It's unusual and amusing for the couple of seconds that it lasts. The colour stays on for a good while but it did transfer quite a bit onto my mug of tea while I was typing up this post so be mindful that you;ll have to reapply fairly soon after eating/ drinking. Each sexy mother pucker costs around €14 in boots.
I may pick up the nude one fairly soon. It looks gorgeous in the tube. Another important point: they smell of chocolate. I despised it at first (to the point I was going to throw it out) but it grows on you so quickly!

Are ye a fan of the tingly feeling? ;)



  1. Are you going to wear this when you meet your sexy mother trucker? Great review, I can't take a pic of my own lips to save my life :/

    1. haha ummm of course :P I'm sure he'll appreciate it :P ah thanks :) I had to use a mirror. It took a while

  2. Ooh, pretty! And for the record, your lips are a lovely shape!

  3. Ooh I think I'll have to get this I love shades that are like your own lips but better and I love Soap & Glory cause theyre cruelty free! And your lips look fab:)

    1. I agree, anything cruelty free is always worth a try :) awh thank you! x

  4. love the tingly feel of it, not a fan of the stickyness though!!

    1. ooh yeh especially with long hair :( That does get a bit annoying x


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