08 February 2013

The spy who loved me

Hey all,

OPI The spy who loved me is such a gorgeous cherry red. This was part of the Bondettes collection the lovely Sharon sent to me over Christmas. I love cherry/retro red nail polishes especially when they are packed full of golden shimmer like The Spy who loved me.

 The colour is accurate but these pictures really do not do the shimmer any justice. It is so strong, it will keep you captivated throughout the entire week. The formula was very nice. The spy who loved me dries quickly but I would say it needs 3 coats. I only have on 2 and I can see some bald spots in certain lighting. I topped it off with a coat of seche vite.

Now that is an accurate shot of the shimmer!(Excuse the luminous orange skintone haha) Gorgeous isn't it? i looked like an awful eejit waving my fingers about throughout the day just to see the full glittery effect. Excuse the tipwear, Seche vite is acting up a lot lately and it's bugging the life out of me! I got a full week of wear out of this without a single chip!

What do ye think? Does the shimmery red float your boat or are you more of a creme fan?



  1. I am usually more of a Creme or full on glitter gal but shimmery polishes are definitely growing on me and this one looks fab!

    1. Creme is always my favourite but the shimmer in this is practically glitter it's so sparkly!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a winner! Absolutely stunning polish

  3. I love this polish so much! It's my favorite!

    1. You have great taste :) It's so gorgeous


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