30 March 2013

Bat those big bold eyelashes

Hey all,

A big, bright, blinder for ye today. Despite my lack of knowledge on mascara I have noticed I'm still fairly picky with it :P I'm not fond of my eyes so I need something that will make them look half decent. I was sent the NYC Big Bold Curl mascara to try out. I think this is the mascara for me. It promises up to 12x more volume and up to 99% more curl. Now I don't agree with those exact figures based on my own experience with it but it really gives it a damn good shot!

The packing is gorgeous. I love the green (much more vivid in person) and the cap clicks into place so you know it's sealed. I have number 855 Extra black. I do prefer my blacks to be as dark as possible in both mascara and eyeliner. 

The handle is short (shorter than the Soap and Glory Thick and fast by a fraction) The brush itself is curned so it is far easier to catch all of the lashes in one swoop. I found it easy enough to use. the curved shape really helps!

On the left you can see my eyelashes without any product on them whatsoever. On the right I have on two coats of NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara. Makes a fair bit of difference doesn't it? My lashes are nicely fanned out. I don't put any on my bottom lashes (it doesn't look right on my eyes)  Overal I'm delighted with this mascara. Definitely a keeper.

The NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara costs €3.99 for 12ml of product and ye can find it fairly easy in Pennys. It's dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested so if ye wear contacts ye can still use this mascara.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Oooh, this looks fab! On my wishlist now ;) x

    1. With the bright colours you use I'm sure your eyes will really pop with this on! x

  2. used this only this morning for the first time and i am loving it!

    1. Ah it's great! I've tried a few different brands since then and I really do think it's worth a look


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