25 March 2013

Hand Food

Hey all,

Probably one of the most hyped up Soap and Glory product is Hand Food. I like the smell of the cream but it's not as amazing to me as people have claimed. I prefer the scent of the sugar crush products (fecking love citrus scents!) but it's still a decent scent.

A nice little dollop like this is more than enough to get your hands nice and soft. It rubs in really quickly and my hands don't feel greasy afterwards making it perfect for use during the day. I don't find it to be overly hydrating even though it contains Shea butter but my hands are fairly soft after using it. The bottle is going down fairly rapid though so I don't think it will last much longer.

Overall it's a nice hand cream but I need something that provides more hydration to keep my hands and cuticles in good shape. At the moment they are still dry and cracked.

Soap and Glory are cruelty-free. Each 125ml bottle costs around €7 in Boots.



  1. I've tried this a couple of times in boots but walk away from it each time, I just didn't find it moisturizing enough either and I agree with you about the scent- it's grand like but wouldn't be my Favourite! I've yet to try any of the sugar crush stuff though so I'll be checking those out :) x

    1. It's not worth the price if you are looking for something moisturizing. Definitely check out the sugar crush stuff. Smells so good :P x

  2. I like how it's labeled "Fabulous!" so perhaps you'll just take its word for it. :)

    1. I didn't even notice that! That's quite cheeky of them :P


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