31 March 2013

NYC Expert Last Lip Color

Hey all,

Today I have a review of 2 NYC Expert last lipsticks. These were sent to me last week but I only got around to swatching them at the weekend due to the horrific weather here. The shades I have are  404 Air kiss and 405 Blue Rose. In the tube I had a definite favourite but when I put them on I changed my mind completely! I applied both over my EOS Strawberry Sorbet lipbalm.

On the top is a quick swatch of 404 Air kiss and below is Blue Rose. Air kiss is more of a piinky red. Blue rose definitely has a blue tone to it.

First up is Air Kiss. It glides on beautifully and it smell divine! I was really surprised by this given the price. Normally you get that horrific plastic smell. Excuse the dent in the side. I was a bit over-enthusiastic  removing the lid :P 

Air kiss is a beautiful colour.Sorry about the small picture but it  best captures the colour :) Even though I have fairly pale skin, Air kiss doesn't look clown like. I think it actually suits me (I find it really hard to get lipsticks to look normal on me)

Blue rose is by far my favourite/ I love this colour! Again excuse the small picture but it does capture the colour on my lips the best. It is a gorgeous pink. Again it has a lovely smooth consistency. The gorgeous smell really helps :P

Each lipstick costs €2.49 for 3.2g of product. Well worth a look if you are searching for some new lipcolours for the summer but you don't want to break the bank.


**Products were provided for review**


  1. They're both so different on actually, I don't know which one I'd choose! They'll be lovely for summer.x

    1. My lips aren't incredibly pigmented so that might influence it :P They are beautiful though. x

  2. I actually just bought Air Kiss and I love it! Such a pretty colour and great quality for the price. Both colours look lovely on you x

    1. Awh thanks! Omg how weird is that. We must be in sync from all of our twitter talk :P x


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