19 March 2013

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

Hey all,

One of my favourite face products to use is a face mask. They seem to calm my skin far quicker than any gels and creams can. The Pixy Rose Cleansing mud is pretty much the same and one of my go-to products when my skin is acting up to the extremes (which is happening a lot lately)

It  looks exactly like a but of mud from the garden but don't let that fool you, the rose cleansing mud is packed with goodness, including rose water, witch hazel and chamomile powder ,that leaves my skin so smooth and clean. The one negative point I have is the smell. It smells like a farm yard. If you're from the country you'll know what I mean. It's noticeable to say the least. I use this while having a bath so you can't smell it at all. Don't be put off though because the long term benefits for your skin are well worth putting up with a bit of a pong for a couple of minutes.
oh pudgy cheeks :P
I prefer mud masks to clear gels. It means I can really focus in on the ad patches and make sure those are well covered and treated. You only need to use a small amount to cover your skin completely. It' one of the best skincare items I have ever bought. The tin lasts for months but when it is empty I will repurchase.

You can pick up a tin of Rose Cleansing Mud from your local pharmacies around Ireland (listed HERE) or online at Pixy.ie. Each tin costs €9.95 for 60g. Pixy are a cruelty-free company.



  1. Replies
    1. It's brilliant. My kin is so much better afterwards

  2. Replies
    1. They are making it easier every day :P

  3. looks awesome! :)
    (btw, it's a broken link - no product there)
    One day I'll go nuts and try to get me a few items there (I see they ship internationally for less than 5€, not bad).

    1. Ah thanks for letting me know! they must have taken it down temporarily :(
      Oh when you do let me know what you pick up!


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