15 March 2013

Stargazer Crystal Fuschia lipstick

Hey all,

I love Stargazer products, I bought my first 5 nail polishes from them before I had even heard of a blogger and swatches. I am just such a huge fan of their style and the quality they produce for such great prices. The one thing I dislike about them is that they no longer have any stockists near me in Ireland so I can't get my hands on their products anymore :(

Today I thought I would show you some swatches of the sole lipstick I own from Stargazer. Crystal Fuschia is as the name says a gorgeous Fucshia colour but it is loaded with glitter giving it a gorgeous sparkle but it doesn't look like you've glued a disco ball to your mouth.

Here is just a quick hand swatch to show the lovely sparkle it has. I'm not one for looking dolled up tp the nines but I think it's a gorgeous colour.

On the lips you can see the sparkle isn't as intense as you would think. Instead the colour really takes over. The lipstick is super pigmented so you're good to go with the one swipe. Personally I think on my lips I look more drag queen than sophisticated lady. I don't think such bold colours look right on my face (it looks like I broke into mammy's makeup bag....a bit clown like)

I patted my lips with a tissue to tone down the intensity of the colour and I think it looks far better on me this way. Not as in your face and 'attention seeker-ish' on my part. I think you get amazing value with Stargazer products and they are well worth a try. They are like the lower end version of Illamasqua but with amazing quality you would expect from higher end brands.

You can pick up a Stargazer lipstick for around €5. This lipstick has the older packaging which I think is nicer and more elegent than the new one they have come out with. Other than that though I would definitely recommend checking out Stargazer for makeup and nail polish :)



  1. That's a gorgeous colour! Just to let you know I linked to you in my fav 5 posts from this week!

  2. Ohhh that is so beautiful!! Beautiful colour and it is so pigmented! I didn't even know Stargazer did lipstick. I will have to keep that colour in mind :)

    1. Yeh I didn't either until I started picking up their polishes. They do a whole range of make-up. Really amazing colour choices

  3. That colour is gorgeous on you and can I just say, you have lovely shaped lips too! ;)

    1. haha ah sure tiz the camera that makes them decent ;)


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