29 March 2013

"TriAccent" nail art tutorial

Hey all,

I have a little tutorial for ye today :) Pretty Quick and easy so anyone can give it a go and get the same result. All you need is striping tape (Any colour! It won't stay on) , 2 opaque polishes (to cut down on drying time) and the usual base and top coats you use.  The TriAccent nail look has been made famous by the lovely LeighAnnSays on youtube. I am a huge fan of her videos so I had to give it a go.

Start off with your base coat. When that's dry paint on your choice of base colour. I went for Barry M Blueberry ice cream. Perfect in one coat and I love the colour. When that's dry place your striping tape on the nail in little triangular shapes on the tip. They don't have to be perfect (sure who's going to be measuring the distance between them :P )

When that's done get your second polish and paint it in-between the lines. I picked out Barry M Denim because it's opaque in one coat and I love the sparkly effect it has. It adds something a bit different to your tips I think :) Pull of the tape right after putting the polish on your nail. This will give a nice clean edge.

Top it all off with your topcoat and you are good to go! A great staple design that you can do with any polish combination that floats your boat. Here are a few pictures of the finished look :)

What do ye think?



  1. That's fab! Love it! I think I'd definitely be able to give this a go! Any idea where I can pick up the tape?xx

    1. Ah Brilliant! You'll be perfect at it :) I bought mine on ebay for like €2. Takes a while to come though. You can also get it in topshop and Born Pretty store. Go for the cheapest option because they are all the same :)

    2. Perfect, I'll have a look! Thanks! :) x

  2. Oh that's deadly! My striping tape arrived during the week so i'm ready to go :)

    1. Excellent! Sure tweet me when you have a go :) x

  3. You make it look so easy! Must give this a try a soon! x


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