02 April 2013

Are those real?...

Hey all,

...No, no they are not :P I received these practice nails from the Born Pretty store the last day. Since I keep all of my nail art supplies on my desk they sit there too in case I want to try a design out really quickly. This has led to  a lot of weird looks and questions!

I don't know anyone that has a interest in nail polish so I have to try out all of the designs on myself. Now this is grand but I do want to be able to give someone a manicure and not have the plish go everywhere. This is where practice fingers come into play. Yes they look weird but they are invaluable!  I like to swatch polish the second I get it but this means taking off my current manicure. Having these to hand means I can try out a polish and see how sheer it is without wasting time and having to reapply my manicure.

They are also fierce handy for practicing nail art designs!  The one on the left allows you to insert your own fake nails. This means you can swatch nail polish and then remove the nail without having to clean them with remover. The one on the right has a nail attatched so it is handy to practice painting other peoples nails.  I had to file this on down a fair bit as it was fierce wonky! Other than that though I think these are great.

Each set of 2 costs $2.36 with free shipping. As always I have a 10% off discount floating around


**Product was provided for review**


  1. These must be so handy to have! And very affordable too. Thanks for sharing lovely!

    1. they really are! Despite their dodgy appearance haha x

  2. These seem like a great idea! I've been saying I need to buy a nail wheel for ages to practice nail art but these would be even better! :) x

    1. Far better. You have to mind the cuticles and sides like you would on your own nail so you really are getting a better grip of it :) x


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