07 April 2013

Barry M Kingsland Road

Hey all,

Part three of the four Barry M Textured nail effects review. I really enjoyed playing around with these polishes. I don't have to worry about bubbling as they dry so quickly. It's the little things that make me happy :P

Today I have the lightest polish from the new releases. This is Kingsland Road, a pale pink with no shimmer at all. This was incredibly difficult to capture. In real life I think the colour is more accurate in the picture below. It's pale but it does have a nice touch of pink in it.  I'd say the colour would really pop if you had a tan but I burn so that's not going to happen for me :P

Like the previous swatches, Kingsland Road only needed two thin coats to get full coverage. It has a lovely formula so you don't have to worry about that. This will be a great polish to throw on when I get sick of all the neon and bright colours I plan on wearing during the Summer. Ireland doesn't really get a proper summer. The weather stays the same; dull, wet and windy. It's nice to pretend we will get a 3 month summer but usually it's about 3 days at best.

 Each Barry M nail effect polish costs €5.49 for a 10ml bottle in Boots.  Barry M are cruelty-Free.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Loved this light pink, it's so soft and pretty!

  2. Very nice, looks so gentle.

    Hee hee, I'll never forget this quote regarding the Irish weather, actually from a Marian Keyes book (Sushi for beginners)..I know it's probably not really funny to you, having to live with it, but I found it amusing; especially since I must've been really lucky that time I spent in Dublin few years back, it was actually sunny for more than 3 days! - but still cold for me, lol.
    Anyway, goes like this: A:Remember last summer? B:Sure, it was on Wednesday, wasn't it?
    :D :D

    1. It's sad to say but that's a genuine conversation over here :P (I love Marian Keyes btw)

  3. I love the colour of this, but I'm still unsure about the textured look! I only burn too, wish I could tan! xx

    1. I like being pale but I hate being so susceptible to burning :P


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