08 April 2013

Barry M Ridley Road

Hey all,

This is the final Barry M Textured nail effect polish from the collection. Ridley Road is a mint green without any shimmer.

Application on Ridley Road wasn't as good as the rest. I ended up having to do 3 coats to make it fully opaque. The end result still looks good though so it's not a deal breaker for me. It's a lovely pastel mint. It'll look lovely during the summer especially if you have a tan going on.

The textured effect is still doing it for me :) I like the feel of it and I think it adds something a but different to the manicure without any effort. Like I said before, at least try one before making up your mind completey. You never know you might like it!

Here's a close up of the nail. The textured effect does end up nice and even if you use thin coats :)

Barry M Textured nail effects cost around €5.49 for 10ml. Very well priced for a quality product. Barry M are cruelty-Free.

Do you have a favourite from the collection?


**Product was provided for review**


  1. I really like the look of the mint green combined with texture. It's a color of texture I've never seen and I think it looks so delicate.

    1. I'm glad they included a mint shade. Always handy to have!

  2. I keep looking at these thinking I'll buy one and then don't, can't make my mind up!

    1. From playing around with them I think they are well worth trying. I didn't have any problems with chipping :)


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