24 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Bunny Poop!

Hey all,

Today I have Lac Attack Bunny poop! For some reason I always think of Kat from Dolly Rouge when I hear the name. She has a little bunny rabbit so apparently everything with the word "Bunny" in it relates to her :P

Bunny poop is described as "A mix of multiple sizes of yellow, pink, green and blue pastel matte glitter in a clear base-the perfect spring glitter topper"

This looked grey to me in the bottle but on the nail- wow! You really see the mix of colours. I love matte glitter. Bunny poop will work so well over so many colours. I decided to go for a bright  colour to show off the beautiful mix of glitters. I'm pretty pleased with the combination.

I have on 2 coats of Barry M gelly hi shine polish in Papaya followed by one coat of Bunny poop. The formula on Bunny poop was pretty much perfect. I didn't have any trouble getting the glitter to come out or spread on the nail. It dried quickly too.

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**


  1. Funny name! :-) It looks good over Papaya

    1. I think glitters need a nice bright base for them to pop!

  2. Well I dare say that is the most beautiful bunny poop i've ever seen. Anddd definitely the weirdest comment i've ever left...

    Love how this looks on the nail, it totally is different to the bottle. Love it over papaya too:)

    1. ha! I know the bottle is so deceiving. Even looking at it now it's so different. Thanks :)

  3. Replies
    1. the name was unexpected i have to say :P

  4. Oh to the em gee! I squeed when I read the shout out, thanks so much! Funny thing is after my wee bunny Eva's recent incident I'm obsessed with bunny poop as an indicator of health - size, shape, quantity... I WISH it looked like this polish :P

    1. haha not a bother sure! :) God imagine if it really did? The house and garden would be shining all the time :P x


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