31 May 2013

Butterfly-Wing nail art tutorial

Hey all,

Today I thought I would do another tutorial. This time I went for the fairly popular Buttery wing nail art design. I remember doing this as part of the Summer Challenge last year and I really liked the end result (I wish my nails were still that long)

Start off with a basecoat to prevent staining (especially if you are using red or blue nail polish) Then add on your colour of choice. I went for a base of Catrice Plum Play with me ...

...then I topped it off with Catrice Dirty Berry. This really made the holographic bits in Dirty Berry pop.

Then I drew a half-circle on the left hand side of my nail. You can choose either side, it makes no difference at all.

Leaving a gap I drew on 3 little lines with a space between each. These will act as the base of the design.

Using the three little lines I painted on three rectangular boxes. I did it fairly roughly as you can clean them up later on.

I filled in the outside of the boxes in black and added some random white dots on the edges.

After a bit of cleaning up I added on a topcoat and there you have it! The butterfly wing design is one of my favourites. You only need three colours and it is so eye-catching. It does not matter if they are not identical. Not all butterfly wings look the same!

If ye have any requests for tutorials then leave me a comment and I'll give them a go.



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