03 May 2013

May Flowers

Hey all,

 Today I have a new stamp to show ye! This is the Born Pretty Store m64 stamp.  I haven't had time to do a lot of nail art lately so I thought I would practice my stamping instead.

On my nails I have a base coat of Barry M Berry Ice Cream. This needs 3 coats but it is a lovely lilac creme. It used to be one of my favourite nail polish. I still love the colour, I just don't use it as often as I used to. For the design I used A-England Tristam, a bluey purple with a scattered holographic effect.

 It's not perfect but I love the design. It's one of my favourites from the m64 pate. Once I get the right technique I won't have as much of a problem getting the whole design to transfer onto the nail. The plate costs $2.99. I also have a 10% code below if ye want to knock off some more pennies


**Product was provided for review**


  1. aww, this is really cute :) I love the combo of a gentle base colour and delicate flowers

  2. The A-England stamps well! Hard to find nice polishes that stamp straight off. The Barry M foil ones are unreal. Gorgeous mani x

    1. I've heard that! I'm dying to pick them up. Trying to get them on Asos when they are a bit cheaper :P x

  3. This makes me want to get my stampers out!


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