12 May 2013

Oil not be buying this again

Hey all,

I ran out of my Pixy Sensual Bath oil a couple of weeks back. I loved it so much I had to buy another one. This time I went for the Citrus bath oil as I adore citrus scents (especially lime). Again it arrived in a glass bottle which looks lovely sitting on the shelf. I keep all of these bottle and re-use them so they definitely come in handy.

The oil itself was a bit disappointing. The scent was not as strong as I would have liked. A few minutes after putting it in the bath I could not smell it at all. I mainly buy them for the smell so that was a let down. I wouldn't buy this particular one again which is a shame because I had high hopes after trying the Sensual oil.

I have yet to try the Magnolia and Jasmine bath oil and  the Relaxing bath oil. I would definitely recommend the Sensual bath oil but the Citrus bath oil let me down. Each bottle costs €9.95 for 100ml.

Have ye any recommendations for a good lime/citrus scented bath product?



  1. Ah, it's a shame you were disappointed by this, knowing how you normally adore their products. :)
    I too love the citrus scents (orange for me) and I've been using The Body Shop's shower gels like satsuma & lemon.

    (oh, I love the word play in the title! :D)

    1. haha thank you! Titles are a fecking nightmare sometimes :P Oh I love the body shop scents.

  2. I hate it when that happens. It's even more frustrating when it's a brand you really like.

    1. I know you can't like every product but I agree it's very annoying :(

  3. I've never used a bath oil but they sound lovely, too bad you didn't enjoy this one as much. It's gutting when that happens. Great post hun!

    1. Thanks Linzi! Oils are a great way of keeping your skin soft. Definitely give them a go if ya get a chance x


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