22 May 2013

Plum's the word

Hey all,

Do you know when you are so inundated with work, time is running out to get it prepared and you know the person is so knowledgeable on the topic you are presenting that they will be so critical if you get even the tiniest bit wrong so you can't afford to waste time on anything else? Well that was my predicament  To make matters worse I had naked nails and I felt so self-conscious of it and it made me panic even more about the work I was doing. I had to paint my nails but I didn't want something eye-catching (in case there was a problem and they thought I had wasted all of my time doing these bright obnoxious nails instead of focusing on the work at hand) I grabbed sally Hansen Plums's the word and threw on 2 quick coats and away I went.

The formula was a tiny bit thick but it was very easy to work with and opaque in 2 coats. Plum's the word dries quickly and has a fairly glossy finish on its own. It's the only real Plum polish colour I own. Catrice Plum Play with me is more of a pure purple jellyish polish while Plum's the word has a more dusty look to it and is a pain creme. It's definitely not something I would normally pick out to wear. I know a lot of people would associate it as more of an older person polish colour. I like it, it made me feel confident that I looked a bit more respectable going in.  I love the wide brush included in the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes. I have 3 of them and I find it reduces the amount of time it take to paint my nails and I get a nice even layer on each nail.

I'm not 100% sure if this is available over here. It's not listed on the Boots website. I know they cost around €8.95.



  1. I have to say I don't have a single shade like this in my collection, lovely

    1. Thanks :) I love that it is such a unique colour for my stash. It will always come in handy

  2. I like plummy shades. They look very elegant on the nails.

    1. It does, it makes them look so much nicer than they really are.


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