17 May 2013

Pretty Puddles

Hey all,

My first almost completely successful stamping attempt! I know, I'm surprised I got this far too :P I went for a bit of an unusual combination today. I tend to stick to the same polishes when I stamp so I'm trying to see how other brands work out with my stamping kit.

I have on a base of Lac Attack Puddle Jumping (2 coats) from the Spring Fling collection. Absolutely love this grey, The blue flecks make it so unique. On top of that I have a design from the Born Pretty m64 stamping plate. I used Nails inc Atomic for the design. Definitely my favourite design from this plate and I really like the colour combination. It really stood out on the nail.

The best thing about having short nails is the fact the entire design of the stamp fits on the nail :P Longer nails drove me mental because it always cut off before it reached the top of the nail.

What do ye think?



  1. I cannot stamp for the life of me but yours looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! This is my only successful stamp so far :P I think the polish has a lot to do with it :)

  2. Beautiful! I love that grey base!

  3. What a gorgeous combination--I love this!!

  4. This is absolutely fabulous lady! I love it! :)


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