09 May 2013

Purple Sparkles

Hey all,

Along with the stamp I received from Born Pretty store they also sent a set of 12 bar glitter colours. Each set costs $6.45. All of the colours are bright, almost neon in some cases. As you can see from the pictures they change colour depending on how the light hits them.

I used Ciate Purple Sherbert as a base colour (2 coats) and while the polish was still a bit wet I stuck it into the glitter. It's a great, cheap way of emulating the new "feather effect nail art" trend. They stay on fairly well but always throw on a topcoat just to make sure they last longer.

As always I have a coupon code below for an extra 10% off if ye want to pick up some supplies.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Thats really pretty, I just checked out that store ... i predict a few purchases coming up

    1. At least you won't break the bank ;) Very affordable x

  2. Ooh, the colours are fab! Very cool.


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