11 May 2013

Sinful Stamping

Hey all,

Keeping with the stamping theme I have another of the stamps from the Born Pretty Store m64 plate. I had a fair bit  of trouble with this design and I can't seem to get it to work for me at all. I'm sure it's just my own lack of skill in this area.

I have on two coats of Sinful Colors Happy Ending. For the design I used Catrice Raspberry fields forever. I love the green base but the raspberry was not the best colour on top. On its own it is a gorgeous raspberry red but that brightness didn't translate onto the nail which is a shame.

 Not really happy with the result :( I had high hopes for this one.



  1. I haven't found Catrice great for stamping at all, if a polish is a one-coater then it's usually great for stamping, I don't know if you have the Nails Inc Motcomb Street that was free with Glamour ages ago but that's a great stamping polish! Seriously impressed with how well you got Catrice to stamp here, you're not doing yourself justice at all, I think it looks fab and I love that base colour, very like Deal With It xxx

    1. Oh I do have it! Didn't even think it would be a good stamper. Must keep that in mind now, thanks! xx


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