20 June 2013

Alison Claire Coconut lipbalm review

Hey all,

A new lipbalm review for ye today. Alison Claire sent me their coconut lipbalm about 2 weeks ago now and I think it's time to tell ye what I think of it. Alison Claire is an english skincare and hair brand. None of their products contain sulphates, parabens phenoxyethanol or PEG's. Basically zero filllers, synthetic scents, colours or harsh preservatives.

First off the smell is delicious. It's sweet but subtle. Even if you hate the smell of coconut you might like this. It has more of a vanilla scent to it rather than coconut. It felt a bit greasy for the first few uses but it is actually nice and creamy. You don't have to gouge out a load of product as a quick swipe of your finger gives just enough product.  I used this day and night and I noticed my lips were softer than normal and they didn't dry out or chap as often. I've gone through about a quarter of the tub now.


  • It smells so good!
  • Feels nice and creamy on the lips
  • Keeps lips soft and smooth for longer thanks to the cocoa butter and coconut oil
  • Uses natural ingrediants- always a plus for me
  • Includes Zinc oxide to protect against UV rays
  • One of the pricier lipbalms - 10ml costs £4 not including shipping
  • Comes in a tub- not the most hygienic 
  • The packaging could be a bit nicer in my opinion but that's only a minor thing



  1. This looks and sounds like a great lip balm!
    Oh by the way...I really like the name of your blog!! hehe :D

  2. I love anything coconut although hate the taste! Sounds yum!

    1. I can handle a bounty but that's about it! x

  3. I do like a good lip balm and as for anything coconutty...YUM!

    1. I don't think you can ever have too many ;)

  4. I love the smell of coconut, so this sounds gorgeous. With you on the pot - I don't mind them, but when my nails are a little longer it's hard to get product out without getting it under my nails! Hadn't heard of this brand, nice to see so many companies and brands conscious of chemicals now.

    1. Definitely, if there is a good way to avoid using chemicals I can't see why more companies insist they are vital x

  5. Sounds like an awesome product.


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