02 June 2013

Currently Craving! 2/June/2013

Hey all,

Currently Craving! 2/May/2013

With Fathers Day coming up I have been left penniless so I have been craving a lot lately! First up is The Body Shop Brazil nut beautifying oil (€15 for 100ml) I have the Mango scent already but I only use it the odd time. I love the smell of the Brazil nut butters but the beautifying oil can be used on your hair, face and body. It's such a shame it's limited edition. 

Again I have the lotion but I think the  Soap and Glory Smoothie Star body buttercream (around €13) is the better choice. I don't think the lotion is as moisturizing as a body butter. I have to use a load of pumps just to get a thin layer on my skin which is time consuming and it uses a load of product. It smells like popcorn initially but it sinks in and leaves such a gorgeous scent that lasts for ages.

This one has been on my wishlist for years. It is the Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume. This is not available in Ireland but I bought the perfume online a year or two ago and I adore it. I love the idea of a hair perfume as shampoo and conditioners make zero different to my hair. The lovely smell usually fades after a few minutes and it bugs me so much. I wish they would sell it over here. 


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