13 June 2013

Mane 'n Tail Herbal Essentials review

Hey all,

I was sent the latest Mane 'n Tail Herbal Essentials Shampoo and conditioner a good while back now. I am a huge fan of their  range as it's not often a brand releases shampoos and conditioners that actually suit my hair and scalp. I have developd a really sensitive scalp and if a haircare product disagree's with me I am left with a seriously itchy head (I swear it is not nits!) leaving my scalp bleeding and sore. Not pretty.

What struck me immediately was the lovely floral scent. The shampoo lathers up nicely but I think the conditioner is the winner in this. I love the feel of my hair after using it. My Dad is my helper when reviewing haircare products. He has very coarse hair meaning when it gets rougher it can be incredibly painful. He took these with him and the change in his hair was incredible! It was almost as soft as my own. He was thrilled with it and swears by it now. He doesn't care what product he uses (whatever is closer will do) but the Mane 'n Tail shampoo Herbal essentials Shampoo and Condtioner are now his number one choice for haircare.This is the same fella that speant years washing his hair with washing up liquid because "it does the same thing". Both the Herbal essentials Shampoo and conditioner cost €8.95 each for 335ml bottles.

  • Gorgeous scent
  • A little goes a long way
  • Suitable for coloured, permed, relaxed and chemically treated hair
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and clean
  • Doesn't irritate your scalp
  • Can be hard to find
  • On the pricier side ( I have long hair so I use a lot!)

You can find your local stockist HERE



  1. I've yet to try this brand because of mixed reviews, I don't want to spend so much if it doesn't work! I wonder do they have minis? x

    1. I know they have little sachets, I'll give them a tweet and see! x

  2. Yeah I've read a lot of mixed reviews too but still really want to try it! The change to your dad's hair sounds huge!

    1. It's insane! If you can find the sample sachets you could try them out for fairly cheap x

  3. I've seen really mixed reviews on this brand but I really want to try them. Not sure I can justify the price though x

    1. I would be the same with products. Keep an eye out for any sample sachets.x

  4. Great review. I need to try this brand out...I usually hear good things about them :D

    1. I'm a big fan. They really work for me!


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