30 June 2013

Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier review

Hey all,

I was sent a few items from Roger and  Gallet a week or two ago and I finally got around to review them all in the last few days. I haven't tried any Roger and Gallet products before (although I have sprayed a couple in the chemist but that's not the same really) I had a little sample size of the new Fleur de Figuier perfume, body lotion and shower gel as well as a full sized Creme sublime bois d'orange hand and nail cream to try out.

Out of the three Fleur de Figuier samples I tried, the shower cream was my favourite by far. The scent is more toned down than the perfume which is nice. It feels incredibly luxurious. It lathers up nicely and it feels so creamy. It's the creamiest shower gel I have tried which really surprised me. A full sized version of this would make a lovely gift for someone, especially if they are fond of the Fleur de Figuier scent in particular.

Next up is the Fleur de Figuier replenishing body lotion with 24 hour hydration. This was nice. Again it was not overly scented but it leaves a nice base for the perfume and makes the scent last longer. The lotion itself is on the thin side. Not watery, just thin. It sinks in fairly quickly. I can't say my skin was softer than before but the scent was really pleasant and it lasted well over 7 hours.

Last up for today is the Fleur de Figuier perfume. Initially when I sprayed it on I thought it was quite a woody scent. As time went on though the fruity notes started to emerge. It wasn't sickly sweet at all but it is a strong scent. Staying power wasn't bad. I put it on around 11 and I had to top it up again around 4. Just keep in mind the notes in a particular perfume may come across differently on you. It's all to do with your own body chemistry and such. I'd also recommend spraying it on your skin in the shop and then waiting a little while to see how it develops :) I found this one a bit too strong for me. I do suffer with travel sickness and this made it flare up a bit unfortunately :(



  1. I haven't smelled anything from the fleur de figuier range yet but I got some body lotion in the chemsit a while back that's amazing, it's the liet des bienfaits one, smells like expensive oranges!

    1. That sounds lovely! Fruity scents are the best. Especially when they actually smell like they are supposed to :P xx

  2. Ohh I wish I could take a sniff of this from the internet lol. Sorry to hear the perfume flared up your travel sickness. That sometimes happens to me :/

    1. haha we need smellablogging :P It's horrible isn't it? :(


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