17 June 2013

The Book Depository 25 hour Sale

Hey all,

I just got an email about the upcoming Book Depository promotion and it is brilliant. They often run these 25 hour events where they have a list of 100 books on offer. Every 15 minutes they will put a limited amount of each book on special price and when it's gone it's gone! I love these and often get up early, clean the house and sit and wait for each offer to pop up. Just last week they had a mini event with 4 books in one hour. I managed to snag a hardback copy of Michael Connelly's "The Black Box" for €1.74. A brand new book from an incredible author for the price of a bag of bar of chocolate. It's mental altogether.

Starting on June 20th The Book Depository will have their next 25 hour event.  Shipping is always free so there are no added costs. All you pay is the price of the book. I can't wait for it to start. Books are way overpriced in my nearest book shop so I'd sooner buy all of my books online. You might even get a free bookmark with it (I love these. They always come in handy)



  1. Replies
    1. It's brilliant, I love watching the books go :P

  2. Ooh nice I love the book depository order from them nearly every Christmas for gifts!

    1. It's so handy for hard to find books too.

  3. I love these flash sales, don't need any books at the minute but I'll be keeping an eye on what comes up!x

    1. Haha I say the same and they something pops up and I end up buying everything :P xx


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