12 July 2013

Aussie Mega Shampoo review

Hey all,

Nail polish is China Glaze Love's a beach. Much nicer in person

Haircare has become one of my main focuses. My skin has been in bits for the last month and nothing I do helps so I'm trying to improve my hair instead. At least I am making some kind of progress on this end of things. I've been using the Aussie Mega Shampoo for the last month or so and it definitely has it's ups and downs.

The shampoo has a yellow tinge to it. It lathers up really well and it smells  pretty good. Not as unbelievably amazing as some people claim but a lot better than some shampoos I have used in the past. Given the fact my scalp is sensitive I had a few flare ups when I first started using the shampoo. I wash my hair every other day but it still took a few weeks before I could use it without any problems.

It definitely leaves your hair incredibly clean. So clean that sometimes it squeaks. This can make it prone to tangling in my experience so you'd want to use a deep conditioning mask or conditioner after, especially if you have dry hair. I always use a hair oil after washing my hair while the hair is still damp and I find that helps a fair bit.

Overall, would I recommend it? Honestly it depends on what you are looking for yourself. I think this bottle costs nearly €7 for 500ml which is a fair bit expensive. When this runs out I doubt I'll repurchase. I don't believe Aussie are cruelty-free and the shampoo didn't wow me enough to make me want to stock up on it. It definitely didn't add any extra bounce to my hair, it left it just as flat as always. It does a good job at cleaning my hair but I am sure there are cheaper shampoos out there they are just as good if not better.



  1. I love Aussie but in the past few years the price seems to have gone way up and it's why I've hesitated from buying it

    1. I think they always happens when a brand becomes hyped up. From trying this alone I wouldn't be hellbent on trying the rest of this range unless there was a good offer on but other than that I'd leave it.

    2. The 3 Minute Conditioner thingy is amazing, I really do like that. And I do still use a serum of theirs, I have a bottle I use from time to time when my hair needs serum, it's from their Dual Personality styling range. I'd like to try more from that, there's a Conditioning Milk I'd like to try. Saying all this though, I'm trying not to spend on hair stuff as I have LOADS as I hoard them and always buy things when I see them at a good price (like in Dealz or something, they often have Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner there for a bargain price of €1.49!

    3. See that's an amazing price! I'd love to have a dealz near me even if it was just for the basics like shampoo and shower gel. It would save a fortune in the long run.

  2. Great review :) I actually haven't tried any Aussie products. Yea, the price doesn't seem like this is worth it lol

    1. Nah not really :P Maybe if you got it on offer but even thenn I'd research the product a bit first


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