22 July 2013

Feeling Rosy

Hey all,

I am exhausted. The weekend really wiped away all of my energy. I definitely need to get a good sleep tonight! You wouldn't mind if I was busy like but I was doing feck all in fairness. Today's post was based on an experiment. I eventually found my stamping kit so I had to try stamping with the rose stamp again. I think it worked out a bit better this time!

My base is Sinful Colors Timbleberry, 2 coats. This is a gorgeous pinky coral with a slight jelly finish to it. It is so pretty in real life. I can't wait to wear this polish again. For the stamping I used Julep Gayle, a very opaque plum polish which is similar to Catrice Plum play with me. As you can see the rose design came out far better with this polish so maybe the red I tried in this post wasn't a great choice in hindsight. There are still a few noticeable flaws but I do think the Born Pretty M65 stamp is worth picking up.

I tried, I really really tried to do some neat funky french tips but they just aren't working with me. I love Fingers polish mania . Her designs including the funky french always seems to work out well on her nails. I mentioned in this Tag post that french tips aren't really my thing but I do think it's worth practicing just in case I ever have to do it on someone else's nails.

How do ye feel about french tips or funky french manicures?



  1. this looks super pretty :) I LOVE it!!! your french tips look pretty neat to me :) Have you tried the essence nail tip guides? I use them for funky french manicures.

    1. ah thanks so much! No but I really want to pick up a pack. I'd say they are awful handy.

  2. So cute! Love the little funky french :D

  3. These are cute! I love these two colors together!

    1. Ah thanks so much. I'm head over heals for that timbleberry. It's so surprising on the nail. Love it


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