31 July 2013

Lac Attack Sale including international shipping!

Hey all,

Just a quick Sale alert for ye. The Lac Attack sale is starting tonight and will go on until august 3rd. Anastasia will be closing the shop for a little while after to sort out a new website. A fair few polishes that are going to be discontinued will be included in the sale so this is yer last shot to pick them up. An important point to note is that this time only there will be international shipping available from the Lac Attack store itself. Great news for all of us living outside of America! The sale will start at 8pm EST tonight and finish at 1pm EST on Saturday. International shipping will cost $9 for the first bottle and $1 for any additional ones BUT if you think that is expensive keep in mind there will be a huge discount on the polish itself so it will work at a good price. That price also includes insurance as Anastasia isn't a fan of shipping internationally without it. I'm hoping I get some polish tonight :D I adored the Spring Fling collection so I'm dying to try out some more from Lac Attack.

Let me know if ye pick any polishes up in the sale, I'd really love to hear from ye.



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