06 July 2013

Roger & Gallet Creme Sublime hand and nail cream review

Hey all,

Roger and Gallet are well known for the perfumes and body lotions but the fact they made hand creams is new to me! I was sent the hand and nail cream in the scent Bois D'orange along with the sample products from the Fleur de Figuier set I wrote about here. I've been using this for  a few weeks now so I think I've given it a good test.

The formula is a lot creamier than most hand creams.I love that it has SPF 15 in it (although 30 would have been better, 15 isn't worth much at all but it's better than nothing) . The smell is lovely, just like orange yogurt. It's nice and subtle. The scent is the highlight of the product in my books. Whether I would buy the hand and nail cream when this tube runs out, I don't think so. The brand is well-known over here and I've only read positive reviews before this so I was really looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately, I was left disappointed by the hand and nail cream. It looks lovely but it does not perform as well as I had hoped.  My hands do not feel soft or moisturised after using the cream, just sticky.It's grand to pop it on at night before going to bed but during the day I'd sooner use a different cream or one with a gel formula.



  1. Aw too bad it was sticky :/ Not the best feeling

    1. Not at all, especially when doing your nails


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