19 August 2013


Hey all,

I don't have access to Superdrug or anywhere that sells MUA so I was delighted when Audrey from The Nail Affair gave the the MUA Strawberry Crush nail polish. I've had to stop buying certain nail polish brands recently so I am trying out new brands to hopefully replace the old ones.

Strawberry Crush isn't as super bright as it shows above but it is a nice bright pink. The formula isn't amazing though. Even with 3 coats it has a tonne of bald spots. It dries fairly glossy though. I know it's a fairly cheap polish but with this formula I'd say you are better off saving your pennies and buying a slightly more expensive polish (like Essence or Catrice) instead. One good polish is far better than 3-4 shite ones.

So many MUA won't be on my "Brands I buy" list but it was great to finally get the chance to try them out. I'm sure they have other better performing nail polishes, I just haven't found one yet.



  1. That colour is lovely. Your nails always look fab in all your posts x

  2. It looks pretty but sure what's the point, if the formula sucks and there are so many great brands out there?

    1. Exactly! When you can get a dupe in almost every shop you come across, it's not worth wasting time with one just because it's cheap

  3. I have this and really it. they are really good quality for the price

    1. Personally, I'd sooner spend more for a better formula.But every has different needs :)

  4. Replies
    1. Ah it really is a pretty colour. Shame about the rest of it :P


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