23 August 2013

Hask Placenta Leave-in Hot Creme deep conditioning treatment review

Hey all,

I've had this for a while now and I thought it was about time I actually reviewed it. This is the Hask Placenta Leave-in Hot Creme deep conditioning treatment. I bought this for €2 in Penny's a month or two ago. I love haircare products and Hask are really bringing out some amazing products so it seemed a good one to try. The tube is almost 30ml. They say you get two uses out of this but honestly that depends on the length of your hair. Mine hits my lower back and I could have easily gotten 3-4 uses out of this. I put it in my hair right after a shower and left it to dry naturally. Once you open the tube you can re-seal it so don't worry about it spilling out before your next shower or bath.

My hair definitely felt nicer after using this. I forgot to put it in one night and my hair just did not feel as healthy. Without it, my hair was frizzy and although it didn't feel dry, it wasn't as smooth and soft as it was when I had the treatment in my hair. If I get another tube of this I won't be as wary of heaping it in. Seeing as my hair is quite long, I definitely need more product than most people would.

For the price, this is definitely worth a try. It has a nice smell and it lasts a good few uses. You heat it up in a bit of water, pop it in after you wash your hair and that's it. It's safe for chemically treated or coloured hair too.



  1. This sounds like a lovely treat for your hair!

    1. Hask are really one of the best brands I have tried. Great value.

  2. Its not really placenta though is it??! :o

    1. I think it's just protein extract. I wouldn't worry about it :)


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