30 September 2013

Born pretty water transfer stickers

Hey all,

The final part of my Born Pretty review for this month features the Miki nails water transfer stickers A 1-20.  Basically they are just the same as the nail art stickers except you soak them in water before you apply them. They claim to have zero dry time (the actually do have to dry seeing as you have to put them in water first) They are easy enough to shape to your nail seeing as there are 12 stickers included in each pack.

I wasn't a fan of these. Even when I got them in the right position on my nail, because of the water, they slipped all over the place. They were such a headache to finish and they barely lasted a day even with a topcoat on. I wouldn't bother with these ones again. I prefer the normal sticker version to be honest. For me,it's too much hassle for a poor result. It's a shame because some of the designs are really nice.

A pack of Miki nails costs $1.55 at the moment (normally $1.99).

**Product was provided for review**


  1. Replies
    1. It was my favourite design out of the lot! x

  2. This really is a beautiful design! Shame about the application trouble, but then it's nice to see a more reasonable price for nail stickers--I have a hard time getting excited about the ones that cost more than a whole bottle of polish. :P

    1. I know! Some of them are ridiculous! Especially the plain one that are just the same as a regular polish but cost like €12. Crazy altogether

  3. I tried this design too lol! I thought the design was pretty :) Sorry to hear about the application :(

    1. Great minds think alike :P Ah yeh I thought they would be easier now in fairness but what can you do really :)


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