26 September 2013

Glitter glitter everywhere!

Hey all,

Not something you see a lot on Cuti-CLUE-les am I right? I am not the biggest glitter nail polish love in the world. The majority of the ones I am interested in have major faults (availability, price tag and formula being the key areas) so it's not often I end up getting them. This  glitter polish from the Born Pretty Store did catch my eye and I ended up picking it as part of a review set.

This is number 003. It looks very different on the website. It reality it is more of a minty green. I have on 3 coats just to cover any visible nail line. The formula is ok. Takes a while longer to dry but it is pretty. I love the mix of coloured glitters. So bright and they are so easy to work with.  This polish cost $4.36 per bottle and they have a 10 different colours to chose from all with different types of glitter.

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