30 October 2013

Glorious Aquarius

 Hey all,

I have a few of the Essence toppers but I only ever really use Catrice "Have an ice Day". I had to find a nice use for some of them and after seeing this on another blog (I can't remember the name but if I find it I'll pop it in here) I knew I had to try it. I'm not entirely happy with the base of Catrice Hip Queens wear blue jeans (2 coats) I think I needed an actual navy polish without any shimmer whatsoever for it to really make me love it. 1 coat of Essence Glorious Aquarius was enough to cover each nail. I topped it off with a matte topcoat. I definitely prefer matte topcoats over glitter like this.

I like it but I have to try a few other base colours to find the perfect blue. I heard there is a new version of Essence Glorious Aquarius out but I haven't come across it yet. Essence are feckers for using the same polish name over and over again.



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