20 October 2013

Jasper Jewellery review

Hey all,

This lovely piece of jewellery arrived last Friday. This is the Swarovski Crystal Elements Gold Bracelet from Jasper Jewellery. This is priced at €85 down from €110 and it definitely feels like a strong, good quality bracelet.  It catches the light beautifully. I can only imagine how striking this will be when the summer rolls back around (assuming we get at least one week of good weather like we had this year)

I have worn this a few times already but this is the only good picture I have on my hand. It doesn't feel too heavy and I like the little tinkly sounds it makes when you move.

The one problem I have with this bracelet in particular is the clasp. It is really hard to get this on by yourself and even when I asked someone to help me, they just couldn't get a good hold of the clasp. It needs an extra link in order to make it a bit easier to put on.

 You definitely have room to loosen or tighten the bracelet in order to make it more secure on your own wrist. I have fairly wide wrists so I was delighted to see the extra bit of chain. The only other recommendation I'd have concerns the wrapping .It does come beautifully packaged which is a lovely addition if the piece you ordered was a present for someone. I do think it is unnecessary if you were just ordering for yourself. If there was an option for it to come without the extra wrapping I'd definitely go without it. It's better for the environment and I'm sure it would save money for the company.

This particular bracelet is out of stock at the moment but you can sign up for email updates and they will let you know when it is back in stock. Jasper Jewellery offer free worldwide shipping which is an absolutely huge bonus. They have their own courier so you don't have to worry about it getting lost in the post.  Their website is so easy to navigate and the descriptions they have for each piece means you can be sure it will fit.
They have a huge selection or bracelets, rings, brooches, pendants etc. It was so hard to pick just one piece! They have a fair few pieces in their sale section at the moment so ye should definitelt check that out and grab a gorgeous piece of jewellery for a great price.

Jasper Jewellery got in contact with me over the weekend and they have just added an "opt-out" option for the extra wrapping paper. This is a great idea and I'm delighted that they took on the suggestion. They also assured me that the issue I have with the clasp being too short to grab a hold of is a once off and they are keeping an eye on the rest of the jewellery so it should not be an issue in the future. This just goes to show how considerate the company are.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. That looks really pretty on you. I love gold (yellow gold that is) but it looks horrible on my skin tone, that looks lovely on you though! Very pretty and delicate.

    1. Thanks so much! I generally wear goldish jewellery but I'd love to get some silver. I'd say it'd make my skin look awful dead :/

  2. Lovely bracelet! It looks very good on you! :-)

  3. This bracelet looks lovely on you!


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