18 November 2013


Hey all,

I bought Catrice Oh My Goldness in May or June but this is my first time actually wearing it as a full manicure. I love gold nail polish and even though I debated buying it for a while I knew it would eventually end up in my stash. It is a gorgeous gold glitter in a clear base. It is packed with glitter though so it is opaque in 3 coats.

In certain lights this is a pure bright gold but as you can see in the above picture it takes on a deeper almost tarnished gold appearance. I made the mistake of putting this on in a room that was absolutely roasting hot so it bubbled so badly. You'd hardly notice it in real life as the glitter hides it well.  Oh My Goldness is a beautiful polish. It'd be lovely for Christmas. This cost €2.89 at the time but  I believe Catrice nail polish has gone up to €3 a bottle.



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    1. isn't it? Catrice really can make some of the best polishes when they put their mind to it!

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    1. It's a bit different from the other lighter golds on the market which is great!

  3. I'm very hit and miss about gold polish but this truly looks lovely on you!

    1. Thanks Amanda! I actually agree with you, gold is very hard to get right. I think Sally Hansen Gilded lily is one of the better ones.

  4. I couldn't wear it on my nails alone, but I think it would be perfect for some nail art manicures, especially now for Christmas! :-)

    1. Definitely! I love gold as a base for nail art. The designs always show up better.


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