04 November 2013


Hey all,

China Glaze Polarized is a silver glitter with hints of green, yellow, pink and orange glitters mixed in with it. This is quite a thick polish and application was a pain. It didn't take too long to dry which is a blessing.  I have on 3 coats and it covered the nail fine.

Polarized is from the Prismatic Chroma glitters collection which was released in 2012. I did not take to this collection at all and I feel like China Glaze has gone down hill a bit in recent years. They release the odd gorgeous shade don't get me wrong but their collections always fall short for me. Yes this collection is different from what we have seen before but that doesn't mean it's good :P



  1. This does look like it would definitely be a pain to work with, but it is really pretty!!

    1. It was so bad compared to other glitter polishes!

  2. Love it! Love the color for i find it so classy and elegant. This is perfect for any occasion. A must try indeed!


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