19 December 2013

A sweet talkin' sugar coated candy (wo)man

Hey all,

Something I haven't done before was Candy cane nails. I'm getting the hang of striping tape at long last so I can get my stripes looking fairly clean and almost identical on each nail. I started off with Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in Right Said fred. This is nice and bright and because it's part of the complete salon range I didn't have to bother with a basecoat to stop it from staining. It really reduced the amount of time I had to spend on my nails which is always good. Then I marked off my nails with small strips of striping tape and painted on a thin later of white polish. Right after putting on the white I used my cuticle nippers to pull off the stripes of tape.

That fecking hair on my ring finger is cotton wool! I didn't even notice it until I edited the pictures. That's awful annoying. Anyway I didn't use a topcoat because the one I have drags when used with the white polish. I really like the end result though, I may try it with green or gold instead of the white.



  1. They look good enough to eat!! Gorgeous job as always miss! :)

  2. Your stripes are perfect! I love stripey nails, green and gold would look amazing. Or green and red and gold! The possibilities are endless ;-) x

    1. Thanks a million :) I actually have green,red and white on at the moment. In love with it! xx

  3. Wow your stripes turned out so clean! Love this! :D


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