16 December 2013

Christmas gift guide- ooooh shiny!

Hey all,

Jewellery is the one thing that always ends up coming out of the drawer for Christmas. It's a special occasion so you are allowed to wear your best without feeling like you are dressed up a bit too much. If you are in need of some new pieces to spruce up your collection then look no further! I've gathered up some beauties to suit both high and slightly restricted budgets. I've stuck to online shops so ye all have the chance to pick some up if ye feel inclined. Links and prices will be included so ye don't have to go searching for information.

I only recently came across this site and I fell in love with their necklaces. Betty and Biddy are based in Dublin and have put a huge amount of effort into each piece, including the descriptions. They are very budget friendly but they look gorgeous and have a tonne of unique pieces that I haven't come across before.  They offer worldwide shipping. Orders from the UK and Ireland come with free shipping. 

I am in love with this chain. I love all animals and this is just the perfect present for someone like me. This is called the Edna. It comes on a sterling silver chain 18 inches in length. I love how the chain slots through the bone itself so you don't have to worry about it breaking off and losing it. I am a worrier when it comes to things like that. It's adorable and it only costs €15.

Next we have Jemima which is a belt buckle bangle. The gold setting is beautiful and the silver sparkle will make any outfit come to life. I love the style, it suits both day and night looks and you can;t be without a bit of sparkle at Christmas! and sure for €15 you can't go wrong with this. If you are looking for something like this but the silver isn't really doing it for you then check out Myrtle.Same style, same price but with a textured black leather coating.

Finally we have Muriel. These beautiful drop earrings are so dainty looking but they will sparkle in the light. The orange rhinestone is a nice change and the bows on the top are the icing on the cake. Again for €15 these little earrings are an absolute steal.

A new to me brand is Willow and Clo. They seem to favour more delicate and dainty looking items. They are on the more expensive side compared to the others mentioned thus far. They also offer worldwide shipping via registered post. My favourite item from their stock is the Shoot for the moon opn circle necklace. It's so unusual and I really like the message engraved on it. It's nice that only the person wearing it will really know what the sound wave means. This necklace costs €125.

Jasper Jewellery is a brand I have mentioned before on the blog. They offer worldwide free shipping, free gift wrapping and they are great if you ever have a problem with anything. Just pop them an email and they will get back to you asap.  I really had to whittle down my selection from their site! They have a great selection to suit everyone's budget. 

First let me mention some of their brooches. The Swarovski Crystal Ruby Bow Brooch is the perfect way of adding a bit of festive flair to your outfit no matter what you are wearing. I adore this ribbon. It has lovely detailing and the red ruby is perfect for the Christmas / Festive season. The swarovski elements will glitter in the light. So beautiful and eye-catching.  Priced at €75 you will get a tonne of wear out of this brooch both before and after Christmas. Versatility is key when buying jewellery pieces for the most part. You want something that you can wear all year round and be safe in the knowledge that it will be perfect for any special occasion.

Ok, this may not be suitable for all year long but it is gorgeous! The Swarovski Christmas Tree Brooch is just beautiful. I am in love with emerald green things (it's probably the Irish in me haha) The brooch just seems to glow which is something I look for in my nail polish as well as my jewellery ;) The 14 carat gold metalwork adds that extra bit of sparkle to the overall look. It's something that you will wow people with every Christmas.  The thing about brooches is, they are something you can pass down through generations. Rings and bracelets may need altering in order to fit but brooches fit everyone. You can wear them however you want, on whatever coat / jacket or cardigan you feel like putting it on.  It's just a lovely present to get or give to someone special. The Christmas Tree brooch costs €50

Just look at the Bear Pendant Gold Necklace! I want to squeeze its little cheeks it is so adorable! This is one of Jasper Jewellery's Christmas gift ideas for little girls. I know plenty of big girls that would love this too in fairness! For €26 how could you pass this little fella up. It would be a lovely stocking filler or if you bought a teddy to go along with it and put the chain on the teddy to make it extra special. It could be given to a young child and when they are older and not into cuddly toys as much they could wear the chain and still keep that connection and the memory of the person who gave the Teddy to them.

The Swarovski Crystal Geometric Platinum Pendant Necklace is perfect is you are looking for something that doesn't scream out for attention with it's design. The emerald swarovski element is all you need to finish off your outfit. Like most of the other items I mentioned on this guide it has a festive feel but it can just as easily be worn all year round. This necklace costs €40.

Finally I had to mention some pearls. They have long been indicative of glamour and will definitely be making an appearance over the holidays. The Long Drop Pearl Earrings are perfect for Christmas parties and any formal occasions you have coming up throughout the year. I like studs but I think these make more of a statement. For €34 these are very affordable.

And that is all of it! I could honestly go on and on but I think what I have mentioned will suffice ;) You may have noticed that all of the brands I have listed are Irish. There are 2 reasons for this. 1) I am Irish so I haven't a notion about small/ homemade jewellery businesses outside of Ireland and 2)Not only are you getting a gorgeous present for someone that you care for but you are also supporting local people.

Let me know which is your favourite below!



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