02 December 2013

Coral me later

Hey all,

My cuticles were in a bad way after using that fecking metal cuticle pusher. They looked this bad AFTER using a cuticle balm and moistursing them a fair lot during the day. Thankfully they are on the mend at long last.

 I didn't have a topcoat to hand when I was doing this manicure but I liked the end result so I thought I would show ye anyway. I started off with 3 coats of OPI Skull and Glossbones. The dots are Catrice Meet me at Coral island. Then I marked off the tips and using Nicole by OPI Khloe had a little lam lam I added on the tips.

I think the colours worked well together . I have a lot of purple manicures coming up this week (it was not planned at all!) so this was a nice break from using the same colour all the time.



  1. I really love this, the base color is absolutely gorgeous, I've always wanted to find Skull and Glossbones.

    1. Thanks Norelis! It's a great shade. It's so easy to use in a heap of designs

  2. So simple yet so cute! Great manicure!

  3. This is really cute! I'm glad your cuticles are getting better! Speedy recovery! :D


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