04 December 2013

Purple Plaid

Hey all,

Yeh I do not know what is going on with all the purple polish lately. Normally I cannot stand the colour but lately I seem to be drawn to it. I've been trying to do some older designs that I never get the chance to wear. After spending a while on pinterest (why don't they have a seperate nail polish board on that yet? It's bugging me!) I came across plaid nails and I knew it was something I would have to try as soon as possible.

 The lightest polish is Barry M Berry Ice cream, Then I used NYC in Prince Street and lastly I added on OPI Every month is Oktoberfest. The silver is a Kiss nail art striper.  I added on the Essence Gel look topcoat to blend it all together and to keep it good and glossy.

Plaid nails- Yay or nay? I don't see them popping up on blogs as often as they used to but I think they look great. I made a few mistakes above but overall I'm happy with the way it looks.



  1. This is really beautiful! You did a good job, and I love the colors you used. :-)

  2. Aww, I love this! And not just for the awesome amount of purple :D
    I might just give this a try, seems fairly easy to do.

    1. Thanks Purple! Ah do give it a go. It's simple. one of the easiest things to do and the end result it pretty

  3. Wow what a great purple plaid! I've yet to try plaid because it seems intimidating. This is amazing!

    1. I thought the same. It looked like it would be really hard to execute but it's not bad at all :)

  4. OMG I must try this! Absolutely stunning!


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