28 February 2013

My precious Cuticura

Hey all,

I work on public computers everyday which are not cleaned. At all. Ever. You can understand straight away why I carry around so many anti-bacterial products :P I also have the Cuticura anti-bacterial handgel in my bag but that's a whole other story...

I keep the Cuticura Anti-Bacterial hand serum in my bag at all times. The best thing about the serum is the fact it kills the bacteria as well as providing 8 hour protection on top of that. You only need a tiny amount (pea-sized) and it spreads out so easily. Your hands feel clean afterwards which is great and the serum is odourless which is perfect. I'll be stocking up on this. It's fierce handy to have to hand at all times.

This was taken and placed in the kitchen immediately. I hate touching meat etc without a good hand wash nearby and this is perfect. I don't really get a scent of pomegranate and black pepper but as long as it keeps my hands clean I don't mind one bit.

These are brilliant for cleaning your phone, surface or keyboard. I always make sure to clean my phone and keyboard at least once a week even with all the serums and gels I use just to be on the safe side.

You can find these in most boots stores.


**Products were provided for review**

27 February 2013

Motcomb Street

Hey all,

Nails inc is well known for its partnership with magazines like Fabulous and Glamour. Every year they have some sort of free nail polish deal on offer and most of the time I end up picking up one or two. Just before Christmas Glamour magazine offered four Nails inc polishes, one free with every copy. Motcomb Street was one of the first I picked up. As a huge fan of blue in any form I had to pick this up.

Application was grand. It could get a bit messy if you weren't paying much attention. I wan't overly fond of the brush. I know it's a "free polish" from a magazine but it still represents the brand so it should produce a good quality bottle regardless.  It is incredibly glossy on its own which is always a bonus. The colour is almost black in person with hints of blue.

You can still pick up Nails inc Motcomb street for £11 on the Nails inc website.


25 February 2013

Flock off

Hey all,

I am actually a fan of the velvet manicure look so when I heard flocking powder did the job for  a far cheaper price I was sold. This is the Hot Pink Flocking powder from the Born Pretty Store. I love neon polish and this really catches your eye on the nail.

I applied 2 coats of Nails Inc OMP. I then stuck each nail into the flocking powder ( after I mixed it up). Once it was dry I brushed off the excess powder. I did manage to mess up 2 nails twice so I had to redo them. I highly advise having patience with Flocking powder :P  Overall though I really like the colour. It definitely won't last a full week but it would be good for a once off.

Born Pretty Store sell the flocking powder in 14 different colours so ye have a load of choice. It costs $5.80 for a fairly big pot (You'll get a good few manicures out of it, trust me) I have a 10% off discount code if ye would like to use it.


""This Product was provided for review**

23 February 2013

witch blemish stick? Not this one!

Hey all,

Spots are the bane of my life. No matter what I try they seem to be immune to the chemicals. I heard great things about the Witch Blemish Stick from the lovely Mali  At €5 a pop I thought this would be a great product to have in my bag. It looks blue in the tube but it's actually clear so don't worry about that. You get 10g of product in each tube which is pretty good.

It's just a shame this did not work for me at all. It actually make my spots more prominent, they stayed around far longer and were more painful. It really was not pleasant. I had such high hopes for this product but it was a huge let down. The tube actually went down really quickly. After about a week or two almost half of it was gone. I do love the smell of witch hazel which was really the only nice thing about this product for me.  Witch skincare products are cruelty-free.

Have you found the holy grail product for ridding your skin of spots and blemishes? let me know!


21 February 2013

I'm thick...and fast

Hey all!

Another new Soap and Glory toy to play with today. The thick and fast super volume mascara is well-known to most people by this stage. The mascara comes with 10ml of product and a fairly wide bristle brush. I'm not a pro at this in any way whatsoever but I found it fairly easy to work with.

No mascara
One coat of Thick and fast

I'm not sure if I really like this mascara. It looks like I have tiny little spiders legs poking out of my eye. Obviously they look more defined with the mascara but it's really not doing it for me. I do like the fact that Soap and Glory are cruelty free but I think I need to try out some different versions of this mascara or try some from Catrice to find the perfect one for me.

What's your favourite mascara? I need help with this :P Polish I can understand but make-up baffles me.


19 February 2013

Man overboard!

Hey all,

 Teal is one of the more sophisticated polish colours in my opinion. Essie Go Overboard is a dark teal creme. I only own 2 Essie nail polishes but I really like the bottles and the formulas seem to be fairly consistent. They dry quickly and you get nice even coverage in 2 coats. Excuse the little hiccup around my ring finger cuticle. That nail was giving me awful hassle for some reason.

 Go overboard is so glossy on its own, it really is a great polish. Although I love this polish I do think they are overpriced at €13 in boots. I have my eye on a few colours but I think I'll have to try some alternatives until I can find them a bit cheaper.


17 February 2013

Flowery tips

Hey all,

 I received some nail art pieces over Christmas and I thought it was time to start playing around with them. I've never used these kinds of things before but I suppose it's time to branch out a bit (wow that just oozes enthusiasm doesn't it? ha!)

I started off with 3 coats of Barry M teal. This is such a gorgeous teal! It really glows on your nails. It seemed a bit of a shame to cover it up but hey ho. I left the polish to dry a bit too long but the flowers seemed to stick on fairly well and I have to admit I like the way it looked!

 I added on some tips with Barry M denim- a stunning opaque matte blue. It really looks like denim which always catches me of guard  I managed to knock off a few flowers before I mnaged to take a picture but I still think it looks nice.

What do ye think?


15 February 2013

My Nail art picks from 2012...

Hey all,

As most of you know I only got into nail polish in September 2011 but I really got hooked on nail art! I love being able to try new designs and playing around with colours.These are definitely NOT in order. I just popped them up as I came along them. Here are my favourites designs from 2012..

1) The Rugrats freehand nail art 

2) Bouli the snowman freehand nail art 

3) The Jungle Book freehand nail art 

4) Frankie Boyle- The last days of Sodom freehand nail art 

5) Ladybird / Ladybug on a leaf nail freehand nailart

6) Jeff Dunham- Peanut, Walter, Achmed, Melvin and José freehand nail art

7) Toy Story Alien freehand nail art 

8) Bunny, Tiger, Bumblebee and butterfly-wing freehand nail art

9) Scooby-doo freenhand nail art 

10) Super Mario Freehand nail art 

I am really proud of all of these designs. Some have a special meaning to me and bring back really good memories.  Let me know if you think I should have added a different manicure to this compilation.


14 February 2013

Time for Romance

Hey all,

Toppers are a brilliant way of stretching out the length of your manicure. Normally I don't have time to change my nails during the week so I really rely on toppers to keep me going until Friday when I get the chance to swap to a nice clean looking polish. Essence Time for romance made the perfect topper for Essence English Rose.

Here I have on one coat of Essence Time for Romance over 2 coats of Essence English Rose (Can ye tell I  really like Essence nail polish) Time for Romance is a mix of fine holographic glitter and hex glitters all suspended in a pink tinged jelly. On it's own it does look nice but it's far better off as a topper I think. The glitter stands out far more.

I thought this was the best polish to pop on given the day that's in it ;) I hope ye are all having a lovely night whatever ye end up doing. I'll probably be on twitter as usual....I may have to stock up on Ben and Jerry's :P


12 February 2013

Meet my Pixy Valentine...

Hey all!

Pixy is one of my favourite brands for skincare. I love their ethics and the people are just such sweethearts it's so hard not being able to buy from them more often! Thankfully they have a free shipping deal on for Irish customers at the moment when you spend over €10. I placed my order last week and decided the Pixy Lime body scrubs were too adorable to miss! The heart shapes are perfect for valentines day (or just as a pretty present for yourself) I adore anything lime scented and I could not wait to try these out.

I love the heart shape. It makes them far easier to grab a hold of and work into the skin. The smell is divine and the fact they have essential oils in them means you don't have to worry about moisturizing afterwards. Great if you travel a lot ,or are just a tad lazy like myself ;) One little heart will cover you from neck to toe (don't use them on your face!) and you'll feel squeaky clean afterwards.

The little rose Pixy include with the scrubs!
The Pixy Lime body scrubs come in a pack of 8 (95g) for €3.95. Pixy make the best smelling products on the market. I am addicted to their scrubs and no doubt I'll be buying more with this free shipping offer going on until the end of February. The lime body scrubs make a great gift whatever the occasion.


11 February 2013


Hey all,

 China Glaze Blue Years eve is a polish everyone needs to try out. I wanted this polish for so long and finally bought it from the Beauty Emporium for €5 which is an absolute bargain. Blue years eve came out in the Let it snow collection released by China Glaze for Christmas 2011. Christmas collections are usually my favourite anyway but the Let it Snow collection is one of the best in my opinion.

 Blue years eve is a gorgeous blue packed with purple and blue flecks which catch the light and really give this polish a beautiful glittery look. You can get away with 2 coats of this polish which is great. I am really fond of this polish. I put it on New Years Eve 2012 and it stayed on for well over a week without chips. Great formula and the quality is just perfect. The brush is thin which a lot of people prefer.


10 February 2013

Minty goodness

Hey all,

 Ooooh this is an oldie. My bad! I've had Smitten Polish mint chip since July but I lost the folder with these pictures. Now that I have them I thought I may as well pop them up :) Mint is one of my favourite colours and mint ice-cream is my favourite flavour so I needed to buy this polish. It's to good to leave behind.

Mint Chip was a little bit streaky but 3 coats really evened it all out. Honestly if you use a similar colour as a base you won't have any problems. I love the brown hex glitters. It's such an unusual polish (I know illamasqua have recently come out with similar ones but still this is so pretty!) I'm sure mint chip will be used a fair bit over the summer.


08 February 2013

The spy who loved me

Hey all,

OPI The spy who loved me is such a gorgeous cherry red. This was part of the Bondettes collection the lovely Sharon sent to me over Christmas. I love cherry/retro red nail polishes especially when they are packed full of golden shimmer like The Spy who loved me.

 The colour is accurate but these pictures really do not do the shimmer any justice. It is so strong, it will keep you captivated throughout the entire week. The formula was very nice. The spy who loved me dries quickly but I would say it needs 3 coats. I only have on 2 and I can see some bald spots in certain lighting. I topped it off with a coat of seche vite.

Now that is an accurate shot of the shimmer!(Excuse the luminous orange skintone haha) Gorgeous isn't it? i looked like an awful eejit waving my fingers about throughout the day just to see the full glittery effect. Excuse the tipwear, Seche vite is acting up a lot lately and it's bugging the life out of me! I got a full week of wear out of this without a single chip!

What do ye think? Does the shimmery red float your boat or are you more of a creme fan?


07 February 2013

One sexy mother pucker

Hey all

Soap and Glory is a lot more than just shower and bath products. I wasn't really into them last year but I've been playing around with a lot of their products in store and I am really liking the concept of a lot of their make-up products. The first one that really caught my eye was the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss, mainly due to the hype surrounding the 'tingly' feeling that it leaves. I have one in "Punch Bowl".

Soap and Glory Sexy mother pucker wand
Sexy Mother pucker hand swatch

 Sexy mother pucker comes in a fairly decent 7ml tube with a doe-foot applicator. It looks like a really bright pink in the tube but it comes across a lot more toned down on the lips which I do prefer. I'm not overly keen on blinding people with my lips so this is good for me. They claim to plump your lips but I didn't really notice a difference to be honest. Maybe it only works on very thin lips? I can't say for sure.

Now I'm not fond of my lips/mouth shape at all but I am the first to moan when people don't include swatches of lip products on their lips. Arm swatches just are not accurate as you can tell from my hand swatch above. Here I have my bare lips. No ,lipbalm or anything on them....

..And here is a quick coat of Punch bowl. It really just enhances your natural lip colour. It's nice and glossy but not like an oil slick on your lips. I happen to love the tingly feeling you get. I found myself reapplying it just for the tingles :P It's unusual and amusing for the couple of seconds that it lasts. The colour stays on for a good while but it did transfer quite a bit onto my mug of tea while I was typing up this post so be mindful that you;ll have to reapply fairly soon after eating/ drinking. Each sexy mother pucker costs around €14 in boots.
I may pick up the nude one fairly soon. It looks gorgeous in the tube. Another important point: they smell of chocolate. I despised it at first (to the point I was going to throw it out) but it grows on you so quickly!

Are ye a fan of the tingly feeling? ;)



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