31 March 2013

NYC Expert Last Lip Color

Hey all,

Today I have a review of 2 NYC Expert last lipsticks. These were sent to me last week but I only got around to swatching them at the weekend due to the horrific weather here. The shades I have are  404 Air kiss and 405 Blue Rose. In the tube I had a definite favourite but when I put them on I changed my mind completely! I applied both over my EOS Strawberry Sorbet lipbalm.

On the top is a quick swatch of 404 Air kiss and below is Blue Rose. Air kiss is more of a piinky red. Blue rose definitely has a blue tone to it.

First up is Air Kiss. It glides on beautifully and it smell divine! I was really surprised by this given the price. Normally you get that horrific plastic smell. Excuse the dent in the side. I was a bit over-enthusiastic  removing the lid :P 

Air kiss is a beautiful colour.Sorry about the small picture but it  best captures the colour :) Even though I have fairly pale skin, Air kiss doesn't look clown like. I think it actually suits me (I find it really hard to get lipsticks to look normal on me)

Blue rose is by far my favourite/ I love this colour! Again excuse the small picture but it does capture the colour on my lips the best. It is a gorgeous pink. Again it has a lovely smooth consistency. The gorgeous smell really helps :P

Each lipstick costs €2.49 for 3.2g of product. Well worth a look if you are searching for some new lipcolours for the summer but you don't want to break the bank.


**Products were provided for review**

30 March 2013

Bat those big bold eyelashes

Hey all,

A big, bright, blinder for ye today. Despite my lack of knowledge on mascara I have noticed I'm still fairly picky with it :P I'm not fond of my eyes so I need something that will make them look half decent. I was sent the NYC Big Bold Curl mascara to try out. I think this is the mascara for me. It promises up to 12x more volume and up to 99% more curl. Now I don't agree with those exact figures based on my own experience with it but it really gives it a damn good shot!

The packing is gorgeous. I love the green (much more vivid in person) and the cap clicks into place so you know it's sealed. I have number 855 Extra black. I do prefer my blacks to be as dark as possible in both mascara and eyeliner. 

The handle is short (shorter than the Soap and Glory Thick and fast by a fraction) The brush itself is curned so it is far easier to catch all of the lashes in one swoop. I found it easy enough to use. the curved shape really helps!

On the left you can see my eyelashes without any product on them whatsoever. On the right I have on two coats of NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara. Makes a fair bit of difference doesn't it? My lashes are nicely fanned out. I don't put any on my bottom lashes (it doesn't look right on my eyes)  Overal I'm delighted with this mascara. Definitely a keeper.

The NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara costs €3.99 for 12ml of product and ye can find it fairly easy in Pennys. It's dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested so if ye wear contacts ye can still use this mascara.


**Product was provided for review**

29 March 2013

"TriAccent" nail art tutorial

Hey all,

I have a little tutorial for ye today :) Pretty Quick and easy so anyone can give it a go and get the same result. All you need is striping tape (Any colour! It won't stay on) , 2 opaque polishes (to cut down on drying time) and the usual base and top coats you use.  The TriAccent nail look has been made famous by the lovely LeighAnnSays on youtube. I am a huge fan of her videos so I had to give it a go.

Start off with your base coat. When that's dry paint on your choice of base colour. I went for Barry M Blueberry ice cream. Perfect in one coat and I love the colour. When that's dry place your striping tape on the nail in little triangular shapes on the tip. They don't have to be perfect (sure who's going to be measuring the distance between them :P )

When that's done get your second polish and paint it in-between the lines. I picked out Barry M Denim because it's opaque in one coat and I love the sparkly effect it has. It adds something a bit different to your tips I think :) Pull of the tape right after putting the polish on your nail. This will give a nice clean edge.

Top it all off with your topcoat and you are good to go! A great staple design that you can do with any polish combination that floats your boat. Here are a few pictures of the finished look :)

What do ye think?


28 March 2013

Illamasqua Ireland?

Hey all,

Illamasqua Monogamous
I'll cut to the chase and let ye in on the story so far. Illamasqua often have make-up classes going on over in the UK. A great experience and the skills they learn are incredible. Now the Lovely Dani over at The Glamour Nazi has started up a little campaign to get them to come over to Ireland and to hold a class in Dublin. It will be such a great experience and hopefully when they see the support for this they will open up their work with more of a focus in Ireland so we can hopefully get the same benefits as the Uk market. Dani has a far better insight on this so check out here blogpost HERE for more information. You can also contact Dani at makeupartistdani@hotmail.com . Dani is an incredible make-up artist so give her blog a little look too. You won't regret it!


27 March 2013

Prince Street

Hey all,

Today I have 247 Prince Street from the recent NYC release. Now straight off, in real life this is pretty much the older sister of Catrice Heavy Metalilac. They both have  pink shimmer running through them that makes the polish glow! The pin is more prominent in Heavy Metalilac but Prince Street is just as pretty.

I have on two coats without a topcoat. Just like Midtown, Prince Street have a lovely gloss. Application was a breeze. Very easy to work with and you rarely have to do any clean up afterwards. It dried incredibly quickly too which is always a bonus.

NYC nail polish cost €1.79 each for a 9.7ml bottle. You can pick them up fairly easy in Pennys.


**Product was provided for review**

26 March 2013


Hey all,

The new NYC releases arrived the last day and I could not wait to try them out. I only have one polish from NYC in my collection but after giving these a go I will definitely be picking up some more.  Today I have number 240 Midtown.

Application was pretty much perfect. I have on two coats without a topcoat. Drying time was really good! This was surprising as I expected them to be on the slower end given the price. As you can see they have a lovely gloss. Midtown seems to glow with hints of purple coming through when the light hits it.

NYC are fairly easy to get a hold of in Pennys. Each bottle costs €1.79 for 9.7ml. Midtown reminds me of one of my favourite pinks, Barry M Hot Pink Sunshine from their Retro collection.


**Product was provided for review**

25 March 2013

Hand Food

Hey all,

Probably one of the most hyped up Soap and Glory product is Hand Food. I like the smell of the cream but it's not as amazing to me as people have claimed. I prefer the scent of the sugar crush products (fecking love citrus scents!) but it's still a decent scent.

A nice little dollop like this is more than enough to get your hands nice and soft. It rubs in really quickly and my hands don't feel greasy afterwards making it perfect for use during the day. I don't find it to be overly hydrating even though it contains Shea butter but my hands are fairly soft after using it. The bottle is going down fairly rapid though so I don't think it will last much longer.

Overall it's a nice hand cream but I need something that provides more hydration to keep my hands and cuticles in good shape. At the moment they are still dry and cracked.

Soap and Glory are cruelty-free. Each 125ml bottle costs around €7 in Boots.


23 March 2013

Funky fingers

Hey all,

More stamping! The design is so much more vivid in real life but the pink background just washed it all out in the pictures :( Anyway, the piano design is one of my favourites from the M73 plate and I couldn't wait to try it out. I don't have a good white polish so I thought I'd try out some other colour combinations as opposed to just doing black and white.

I started off with a base of Barry M Pink Flamingo. I love this pink! I waited so long to pick it up and it was so worth the wait. I have on 3 coats. Then I stamped on the piano design using Barry M Cyan Blue. I had to redo so many nails a good 3 times because the stamp just would not translate properly onto my nail :( It was incredibly frustrating. Even know there are a few imperfections.

Although I love the design it just didn't come out onto the nail as well as I would have hoped.


**Product was provided for review**

22 March 2013

It's a shape down

Hey all,

I went on a bit of a stamping spree the last day. This is the Born Pretty Store plate in m73. I wasn't really sure about this design but it stamps so well and I love the way it turned out! It went far better than most of my other attempts so far :P

I started off with a base of P2 color victim in Artful, one of my favourite green polishes! It's a lot deeper in real life but I can't capture it on camera. For the design I used Catrice sold out forever (new version) and stamped that onto each of my nails. I still managed to mess up a few bits but I'm pretty pleased with the overall result! Oh and I'm wearing gloves in the pictures because my fingers were so cold the nail polish wouldn't dry :(

Yay or nay on this stamp? I have a 10% code below if ye want some extra pennies off of any Born Pretty Store purchases.


**Product was provided for review**

21 March 2013

Revitalizing riveting

Hey all,

I haven't worn China Glaze Riveting for a while so I popped it on and decided to do some quick nail art on top just to add some more colour. Nothing fancy :) I used my nail art brushes for the design. I bought them for around €3-4 on ebay. I haven't been able to try them out properly yet but they seem to do the job!

I have on 2 coats of China Glaze Riveting. from left to right I have Nails inc Summer place, York Street, Regents park and warwick Avenue. These are not the best for nail art as they are fairly watery but I just wanted to play around with some polish so it wasn't really that important :P I like the overal design. It's quick and easy and it looks far neater in real life (damn you macro! haha)

On my thumb I practiced some swirls using Catrice Run Forest Run (new version). I love the way the gold shimmer in Riveting shines through the desings. Such a pretty polish.


20 March 2013

NYC Applelicious Glossy lip balm

Hey all,

You all know I am a huge fan of lipbalm. I have a whole draw full of them and I use them every single day. My lips aren't in amazing condition but they help them a fair bit. Even though I have a fair few I was awful excited when the new NYC Applelicious glossy lip balms arrived at the door on Friday.

They come in a sweet pink packaging. They twist up revealing 3.5g of product. I have four out of the five shades to show ye today.

The adorable apple design on the top of the lipbalm.

1)355 applelicious pink (2) 356 Big Apple Red (3) 350 Blushing Golden (4) 351 Caramel Apple 
Bare Lips

Caramel apple
Blushing Golden

 Blushing golden is a pale shimmery lipbalm. It's far to light for me on it's own but it would look lovely over a deeper colour and on darker skintones. It applies beautifully.
Caramel Apple gives a little hint of colour to my lips. It has a lovely gloss to it and it feels lovely on the lips. They all have a lovely sweet smell in the tube but it disappears on the lips.

Big Apple Red
Applelicious pink

 Applelicious pink is fairly pigmented for a lipbalm! It gives a nice bright pink colour to the lips. This will be perfect for spring/ Summer. I quite like this one.
Big Apple Red is by far my absolute favourite! It looks red in the tube but on the lips (and on the swatch on my hand) is have a bit of coral mixed in with it. I love the way this looks on my lips. It's like my lips but far better! They are all so easy to apply, they don't stain your lips and they colour payoff is pretty incredible. The don't feel sticky on the lips either which is a huge bonus.

Each glossy lipbalm costs a mere €2.49 each so they will not break the bank at all. My lips felt smooth and soft after using them. They contain Shea butter, jojoba and avocado oil so they will take care of your lips.


**Products were provided for review**

19 March 2013

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

Hey all,

One of my favourite face products to use is a face mask. They seem to calm my skin far quicker than any gels and creams can. The Pixy Rose Cleansing mud is pretty much the same and one of my go-to products when my skin is acting up to the extremes (which is happening a lot lately)

It  looks exactly like a but of mud from the garden but don't let that fool you, the rose cleansing mud is packed with goodness, including rose water, witch hazel and chamomile powder ,that leaves my skin so smooth and clean. The one negative point I have is the smell. It smells like a farm yard. If you're from the country you'll know what I mean. It's noticeable to say the least. I use this while having a bath so you can't smell it at all. Don't be put off though because the long term benefits for your skin are well worth putting up with a bit of a pong for a couple of minutes.
oh pudgy cheeks :P
I prefer mud masks to clear gels. It means I can really focus in on the ad patches and make sure those are well covered and treated. You only need to use a small amount to cover your skin completely. It' one of the best skincare items I have ever bought. The tin lasts for months but when it is empty I will repurchase.

You can pick up a tin of Rose Cleansing Mud from your local pharmacies around Ireland (listed HERE) or online at Pixy.ie. Each tin costs €9.95 for 60g. Pixy are a cruelty-free company.


18 March 2013

The aul' tricolour

Hey all,

My last bit of nail art from St Patrick's day. I was trying to get some work done but I got distracted by nail polish (ha!) Again  I used my striping tape to come up with this design. It's fairly basic in fairness but I love the way it makes my nails stand out.

For the base I went for China Glaze Holly Day. I love this polish. It's a gorgeous dark green with a squishy look to it. Then I striped of one section and painted on No7 tip whitener which is sadly the end of my bottle :( I need a new white polish asap. Finally I striped off the last section and put on three thin layers of OPI Goldeneye. I topped it off with a coat of Seche vite.


17 March 2013

Lá Fhéile Pádraig- Ealaín ingne

Hey all,

I have more St Patrick's Day nail art for ye (that's what the title says in case ye were wondering). This is probably my favourite one :) It's nice to finally have a fun nail design to play with. Lately my nails have been so boring :P Of course I had to make a bit of effort with my nails for today seeing as I am Irish.

I started off with a base of Essence Cookies and Cream. This is pretty much a spot on natural nail colour. Great for covering visible nail line. Then I marked off the design using striping tape. The green is Catrice Run Forest Run, the white is No7 tip whitener and the gold is OPI Goldeneye. I topped it off with a coat of Seche.

 Tá súil agam go mbeidh lá deas ag chúile dhuine agus féicfidh mé sibh le post nua amárach :) (I hope ye all have  a lovely day and I'll see ye with a new post tomorrow)



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