30 April 2013

Blaze-ing saddles!

Hey all,

I'm in the process of working through my untried polishes. I only really count a polish as being tried when I have worn it for 3 days to a week. I know it's a weird system but that's how I justify the price :P As long as it is untried and I feel like wearing it then on it goes. This week I thought I'd try out one of the polishes I won in a giveaway from Gosia at Life In Color,  In the end I picked out Zoya Blaze.

Zoya Blaze comes out as a deep berry red on the nail. It has a jelly look to it.  It is packed with a weak holographic glitter most of which is hidden within the polish. At first I was a bit disappointed but really I think it makes the polish more suitable for work/meeting and the likes. You have the lovely hint of holographic sparkles but it's not mindblowingly apparent.

Zoya is free from formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. A great bonus as thesee are not chemicals you want to be playing around with. You get 15ml of product and the bottle is adorable.  One downside to this is the fact I needed 3 coats to even it all out. For a more expensive brand I would expect 2 coats maximun. It did dry fairly quickly so that gives it some bonus points.

Blaze is from the 2012 Ornate collection (one of their best in my opinion). In Ireland I think the only place we can get Zoya nail polish is online at Supernail Ireland. They cost €10.49 each but shipping is fairly expensive unless you are ordering a few polishes in one go.

Not a very spring like manicure but since we've had nothing but tornado warnings for the past week I think a nice deep shade was in order ;)


29 April 2013

Love's a beach

Hey all,

I haven't been buying a lot of polish lately. Mainly because I've been buying other more important things and saving for something I really want. Then the beauty Emporium had a sale during a pretty hectic week and there was some seriously good polishes on offer. Thankfully I managed to restrain myself and only ordered two (with some major help from the owner Stephanie after they sold out!)

I went for the brightest one first. China Glaze Love's a beach was released as part of their Summer Neons collection in 2012. I don't have any pink neons even though I love neon polish so I had to add this to my stash. As with all neons this was a nightmare to capture. It's a gorgeous neon barbie pink with a gorgeous shimmer running through it. I have on 2 coats with a coat of Seche Vite on top.

The shimmer is more apparent in real life. I know this polish will get a lot of wear. The formula was perfect and it went on without a bother. It lasted fairly well without chipping which is always a bonus. I picked this up from the Beauty Emporium for €6 but it is now sold out. You can get it on ebay for roughly the same price here. You will not regret buying this! It is so much better in person.


28 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Spring Fling

Hey all,

The last polish from the Lac Attack Spring Fling collection is called Spring Fling.

Spring Fling comes with the description "Another wonderful part of the spring is the return of bright blue skies and growth in nature. Spring Fling combines both of these with a bright blue base and small neon green glitter.

 The first thing that came to mind when I put this on is the view of the earth from space! It looks like the little islands in the middle of the ocean. So adorable :P Spring fling was the perfect bright addition to this collection. I'm glad there is such an unusual mix of colours with this polish.

Application of Spring fling was great. I have on three coats with a coat of Essence Gel look topcoat on top. The glitters spread out nicely and it dried quickly. No complaints at all with this polish. This will get a lot of wear this Spring and Summer. It's so different to any other polish I have come across before.

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**

27 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Cherry Blossom Bloom

Hey all,

Today I have another glitter to show ye. This is Lac Attack Cherry Blossom Bloom.

Cherry Blossom bloom "is a clear base featuring white hexes and rectangles, with two sizes of fuschia circle glitter!"

I decided to use Lac Attack Cherry Blossom Bloom as a topper over Catrice Acid/Dc. I like the idea of the contrasting colours and I have a rediscovered love of Acid/Dc so it had to be incorporated in one of these posts ;)

It may not be to everyone's taste but I fecking love this combination  Sure how could ya not really? Acid/Dc is so vibrant and the mix of fuschia and white glitter sizes and types makes it even more striking. I wasn't too keen on the rectangle glitters but they make a nice change.

 Lac Attack Cherry blossom bloom has the perfect formula. You get a great mix of glitters with each swipe and they sit perfectly flat on the nail. I have on 2 coats of Catrice Acid/Dc with one coat of Lac Attack Cherry Blossom Bloom. I definitely think you are are better off going  bright with your base polish. The glitters in cherry blossom bloom really stand out when you do!

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**

26 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Holy Chick!

Hey all,

Holy Chick! is described as "A white crelly base with pale blue and yellow hexes, and small iridescent glitter with a beautiful blue sparkle"

Holy Chick! is the fourth polish from the Lac Attack Spring Fling collection. This is unique to my stash so I was very excited to paint it on. I don't own any white nail polishes. I have to admit I wasn't sure how easy the yellow hexes would be to get out....

I have on 3 coats of Holy Chick! as it's a crelly (creme and jelly mix) it's bound to be a fair bit sheer. It looked nice with three coats so that's where I left it. You can still see a bit of the nail line but it doesn't detract from the polish. It dries quickly so no worries about having to build it up a bit.

 Application was lovely. The yellow hexes were fairly easy to get out which was a relief! i love the mix of blue glitters. They look lovely when they catch the light. I've always avoided white nail polish with my skintone. It can make me look like death. The glitters in this actually balance it out so it looks perfect. Oh and it took me AGES to figure out the name :P I swear to god I got these on Monday and I only copped on to the play on words on Wednesday. I blame sleep deprivation! :)

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**

25 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Puddle Jumping

Hey all,

This is by far my favourite polish from the Spring Fling collection!

Puddle Jumping was "inspired by the April Showers, gray skies and blue raindrops, Puddle Jumping is a medium-light gray creme with tiny indigo and blue flakes and a gorgeous purple/ blue hidden shimmer"

Now I'm not a lover of grey polish. It always ends up looking like the path on my nails and it never really grabs my attention. I thought Puddle Jumping would be the same so I quickly dismissed it as something that I would like. Stupid move. This is the perfect grey polish. Perfect. P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

 The blue and indigo flakes really take this polish to a whole other level. It really is something special. Puddle Jumping is so unique. I only needed 2 coats and it applied beautifully. I am so glad I finally have a nice grey polish to hand. This will make a great base for nail art too. Just like the rest of this collection, Puddle Jumping dried in next to no time.

  Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**polish was provided for review**

24 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Bunny Poop!

Hey all,

Today I have Lac Attack Bunny poop! For some reason I always think of Kat from Dolly Rouge when I hear the name. She has a little bunny rabbit so apparently everything with the word "Bunny" in it relates to her :P

Bunny poop is described as "A mix of multiple sizes of yellow, pink, green and blue pastel matte glitter in a clear base-the perfect spring glitter topper"

This looked grey to me in the bottle but on the nail- wow! You really see the mix of colours. I love matte glitter. Bunny poop will work so well over so many colours. I decided to go for a bright  colour to show off the beautiful mix of glitters. I'm pretty pleased with the combination.

I have on 2 coats of Barry M gelly hi shine polish in Papaya followed by one coat of Bunny poop. The formula on Bunny poop was pretty much perfect. I didn't have any trouble getting the glitter to come out or spread on the nail. It dried quickly too.

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**

23 April 2013

Lac Attack Spring Fling 2013- Garden Party

Hey all,

I just recieved this nail polish collection yesterday an I can not wait to show them all to ye. I was very lucky to be asked to review the latest collection released by Anastasia from Lac Attack. This is  the Spring Fling Collection and it has some gorgeous shades. Today I have Garden Party....

Lac Attack says "Garden party is inspired by the floral explosion in springtime- a mixture of pale pink and green metallic hexes in a clear base".

Garden party can be build up and worn on its own (I have swatches below) but I prefer it over a nude base. It really lets the colour of the glitter hexes shine. I have one coat of Lac Attack garden party over 2 coats of Illamasqua Monogamous. I topped it off with a coat of Essence gel look topcoat.

Garden party was incredibly easy to work with. You get great coverage with one coat. The colours look really pretty together and the formula was perfect. Garden Party dries nice and quick which is a bonus. The mammy is particularly in love with this polish. She nearly took the hand off of me when she saw it :P

 Here are a few shots of Garden Party on its own. I have on 3 coats and a coat of Essence Gel look topcoat.

Here I layered one coat of Lac Attack Garden Party over Sinful Colours Timbleberry, NYC Highline gree, Catrice Pimp my Shrimp and Essence You belong to me. All of the colours are 3 coats.

 Each bottle costs $8 for 15ml. US ladies and gents can buy the collection from the Lac Attack shop.  International ladies and gents will be able to buy them from Harlow and Co. once they get them in stock :)


**Polish was provided for review**

22 April 2013

Barry m sequin nail art

Hey all,

Despite the horrific mess I made the last time, I really like playing with sequins :P It is such an easy way to jazz up your nails and even newcomers to nail art can get amazing results. I was already wearing Barry M Dragon fruit so I kept that on. It's my new favourite pink anyway so I was happy out to get another day or two out of it.

I used to same method I spoke about HERE. Very easy and you can use any colour combination you want. I went with 3 colours from the Born Pretty sequin set that I ahdn't played around with yet- aqua blue, a rusty orange and a silver. I didn't have a set design when I started but I really like the way it turned out :) Very simple design but the mix of colours makes it stand out.

 I'm quite enamoured with my sequins now :P Do ye want to see any more sequin designs or are ye bored stiff with them already?


19 April 2013

Barry M Waterproof Gel eyeliner and the New Lash Vegas review + swatches

Hey all,

In with the Barry M textured polishes and the Gelly Hi Shine polishes I found some other goodies. I hadn't heard of the Waterproof gel liners before but I was aware of the Lash Vegas Black mascara after their ad popped up a few times. As I said my box was incredibly late (it got lost ) so all of the items should be available right now :)

This is my first go with gel eyeliner and I'm fairly pleased with it. No.1 black isn't incredibly black but it's easy to build up. It's wasn't hard to get a decent line which is great but I think I'd rather have a different brush. The flat brush included really uses up too much product.

Instead of using eye-shadow I added on a line of the silver eyeliner (no.2) to add a bit of colour. I used the champagne colour (no.3) on my waterline. It is more noticeable in real life. I'm no eye expert so this is about as intricate as I can get at the moment :P Finally I threw on a coat of the new Lash Vegas black mascara. Simple for ye but jaysus I was exhausted haha give me nail art any day ;)

Overall I do like the gel eyeliners. Out of the three I think the Champagne shade (no.3) is my favourite. It has a bit of glitter in it and it's a lovely golden shade. Nothing too overbearing so it's perfect for me. The silver shade (no.2) is very nice too. The black isn't my favourite. I'd sooner has something that is pure black. That's just my personal preference though :) The waterproof gel eyeliners are fairly stubborn to remove! They have a 6 month shelf life.

The mascara on the other hand disagreed with me. I don't really like the effect it has on my eye-lashes. I do like the shape of the brush and the packaging is lovely. The formula just isn't for me. The Lash Vegas black mascara comes with 12ml of product £6.49 in boots (I'm not sure how much it is in euro). The mascara has a 9 month shelf life.

So there ye go! This is my first time trying out Barry M cosmetics and I'm glad I finally got the chance. Normally the nail polishes grabs me and nothing else matters :P

Have ye tried any Barry M cosmetics? Any recommendation?


**Products were provided for review**

17 April 2013

In need of a (Vita)Surge?

Hey all,

Today I'd thought I'd review one of my favourite cuticle gels.This is the Sally Hansen VitaSurge cuticle gel. I use this pretty much every time I do my nails and photograph them for the blog so it's after getting a fair bit of use.  This is the first Sally Hansen nail care product I have used and I have to say if this is their standard then I will e checking out more of their products soon.

VitaSurge cuticle gel comes in a glass bottle with a doe foot applicator. It has a slight smell of oranges off of it which is pleasant. As it's a gel it takes no time at all to rub in. The best part about it is the fact that it dries in seconds with a matte finish. When I'm swatching a few polishes in one go it means I can keep my cuticles nice and happy after the barrage of acetone I throw at them without having a wet, glossy look in the pictures.

On the Sally Hansen website they dedscribe the product as having "Multi-active bead infused formula instantly releases a surge of nourishing Vitamin E & Botanical Extracts to condition & hydrate cuticles". I agree with the conditioning and hydrating claims. Regardless of how bad my cuticles look, a quick coat of VitaSurge and they are back on form in time for photo's.

 Each bottle comes with 13.3ml of product which will last an absolute age! I apply the gel fairly regularly and I still have a good third left in the bottle. I believe it costs around $6.80. This was given to me by Kaki a fair while back. I haven't seen it in any Irish store so I'm not sure we can get it here which is a shame. If you can get it handy enough then I'd say definitely give it a go.



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